Home made sex tape

My other half and I have decided to tape ourselves having sex. We're not into the whole posing thing and I've always been a little shy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to relax and enjoy being videoed?

Also thinking of making my kitty nice and pretty so it looks nice on tape - waht do you think of waxing?

Two things: Sound quality and lighting. You don't so much watch a video as listen to it; people forget that but it's very important to try and get decent sound quality so test your set-up before you start; odd background noises from electrical equipment that you wouldn't otherwise notice may become annoying on the video. Lighting is a problem because you probably won't be getting the benefit of full sunlight, more likely you'll be working behind closed curtains so get some lights in there.
You will DEFINITELY need a tripod for your video camera, it's a mundane looking item and you might not want to spend money on a piece of equipment that doesn't actually do anything but a decent stand makes a world of difference in ease of use and keeping the camera steady and pointed where it is supposed to be pointed. Unless you have a third person filming for you (it's a thought!) you will either have to use a fairly wide angle so that you don't end up with a movie of someone's elbow or arrange your positions very carefully to keep everything in frame.

Lol a third person - maybe another time! Great advice, thanks. I know what you mean about sound; I'm no expert but sometimes to background noises on porn flicks have seen have been so irritating - it tends to be the british ones that are the worst.

we went to stay in a hotel in scotland that was popular with honeymooners, and the landlady told us she had recently had a newly married couple who asked her if she'd film them having sex. she said it wasn't the first request like that so she'd got hold of a tripod, which she lent them.

its great fun, try to put the camera tripod on a dressing table so it's looking down on you and it will look a lot sexier, you'll see more of the actual penetration. better still, have a foursome and take turns to film the other three, but make sure both couples get a copy.

a swingers club we visit, la chambre, often has commercial film sessions for ordinary members and has released 4 or 5 DVDs so far. we're tempted but don't really want to be seen by thousands of others!

We just used a webcam and got down to fucking... it was spur of the moment though lol.

ooh realised how that made me sound- a not hooked up to the internet webcam lol

try to forget the cameras there, have fun and enjoy yourselves thats all you need to do!

Drama taking a whole new line then is it Crayola?- jeez just what the students of today get upto eh !!!

Wouldn't you like to know hon... lol

Happy to shell out for the video !!! Will award A* for sure babe !!!

@ swingcouple can we buy one of la chambre films.? or do we need to visit the club? as i would love to bye one or 4/5...thanks

Hubby and have made videos in the past, Dont be all worried about how things look or sound, just have a good time and make love like any other time you do....It will look great cos all sex does!!

Wow Laynie, star of stage and screen eh !!! have you been signed upto a film studio and been away cos haven't heard from you lately !!!

Calm down Tallboy......it'll be out on DVD shortly !!!

Please see sex talk threads

LMAO Yeah I cut a HUGE deal with ben dover and been doing porn all this time!! Naughty house wifes is the name :P

hi challisangels1, yes, you can get them without going to the club, they're called "swinger 1/2/3/4/5 live at la chambre" and are produced by johnny rebel - try google. they all have 5 or 6 couple or 4some scenes in small playrooms or the pool, and end with everyone joining in an orgy in the large playroom. real people, not the bored muscle-men and surgically enhanced slim women you get in usa porn!

Hiya Happy xx

Ben is huge!!nuffsed

Did l miss the release?????????????