Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how i might make myself a pair of fake breasts, I have been searching the net for ones to buy and have my eye on a few but looking for a 'quick fix'? Anyone help????

if its for under clothes then a padded bra stuffed with socks or a t-shirt. to create the look of a clevage shade using an eyeliner pencil or blusher. not amazingly realistic up close but from a distance its really quite convincing.

Many thanks for your reply, yeah ive tried stuffing socks etc into a bra n as you say not very realistic but lkn from a distance convinving, I have also heard that a water ballon might work, bonus being feeling it through a bra or top might be slightly more realisitic to touch although would imagine it be a bit risky incase it bursts lol.

You could always fill water balloons with flour, just not so much they will burst, would probably feel like stress balls. Probably a good idea to play around with them first to test.