Honeymoon period

How long is the honeymoon period supposed to be? We have been together for three years now and still want and have sex every night. Every encounter is different, we have not fallen into any sort of routine, and we fancy and want to make love to each other more every day. Sex is never a drag or a duty for either of us and we are constantly discussing and dreaming up different things to do to widen our experience further.

We look at other couples who after just 18 months have settled into a routine and the raw, urgent nature of sex has diminished.

We still boing up and down at the prospect of seeing each other at the end of the day, and once started never stop gabbling about even the most stupid things because we enjoy each other's company so much.

Do you still feel like this? How long is it for you? What stops us going off the boil when others do? Do you want chilli sauce with that?...eh?!

Well after 25 years we still lust for each other but its having children that reduce your time together for fun, but they are worth it, enjoy the time you have before any childen .

On the other hand when we do its just as spicy as ever maybe more so .But that inital raging lust will subside and if you work at it become just as good but less urgent .


We had a child after first getting together, almost straight away and that slowed things down for us considerably as we were both exhausted focusing on the baby. Things got back to almost normal (before pregnancy we'd have sex mutliple times a day) while we were trying for our second child, now, almost 18months on we are having sex on a daily basis and loving it completely - we've been together over six years.

What's normal for one couple is not for another *shrug*

Well, I hit the three year itch with my ex, but lack of sex was never an issue which caused it. And then this relationship is only 10 months old, and although I would still class us as honeymoon period- I still bounce around at the idea of seeing him and we still have oodles to talk about etc- the number of sex sessions has dropped. Although it's still passion filled and bloody suprising most of the time, so I'm no where near complaining lol!

Honeymoon period must just have different definitions and time spans for different people. I would say if you're going on pure must-have-you-now-lust as a basis then ours was... ooh... about a month? But luckily it hasn't been a bad thing :)