Hot or cold

Which sex do you find tends to be best, drunken, make-up, loving, quick etc?



spur of the moment lustful sex (with someone who actually cares about you though)

that wasn't on offer HI ,so i'll say dirty dom/sub with your oh

Tear your clothes of lustful sex eh Highly! Me too

Anythings was on offer Lick hence the etc.

Depraved The kinkier, the better (within my fairly extensive limits). With a Dom/sub dynamic. Several hour long playtimes that may or may not involve actual vaginal intercourse. Yum yum.
For me, sex is always loving because I wouldn't sleep with anyone I wasn't in love with, so it's not really something I have to specify.

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

Being in love and loving sex is two different things in my opinion.

You may be in love with someone but have non-loving sex - ie. spanking/bondage, fast and furious, animalistic etc. You may love it, and love eachother while doing it, of course, but I don't catagorise that as "loving sex".

To me, loving sex is slow and passionate and tender, lots of caressing and such. Thats just the way I see it though. When someone says loving sex, that is what I think of.

Fair enough. I can't stand lovey dovey, touchy feeling crap most of the time, but I need love present. I need an undercurrent of tenderness and care and trust that you can't get without someone you love. It's like...if you're tied up, being whipped by your partner, both heavily in your Dom/sub space, possibly crying/bleeding, but then the topping partner leans over to gently wipe your hair out of your face and plant a kiss on your forehead...there's not much that screams loving sex to me more. I think if you love someone it's impossible to completely separate that from sex, unless something's gone very wrong...but things as personal as sex are always going to have differing opinions so I understand your side too.