Hot tub fun

So, my wife and I have been away this week in an amaxing little place with a hot tub outside. To say we have had fun is an understatement! Whilst we haven't gone the whole way (I have heard horror stories about the after effects of this) we have had a great deal of excitement (one of my fantasies played out!) Has anyone else ever had any fun in a hot tub or interesting stories to tell? We still have another night left yet!

Hate being a wet blanket but,

Forcing hot tub water into the vagina during intercourse and/or with a bit of finger insertion is a very bad idea.

While the chemicals should be adjusted that it wont cause harm to the skin, the very sterilization that chlorine and ozone additives provide to the water, is very bad for lady bits.

The chemicals will kill the good bacteria that a woman needs inside the vagina as well as mess up the natural ph balance. This will lead to yeast infections as well as a host of other urinary tract infections.

Keep the fun to "outercourse" and your wife's lady bits will thank you.


I've done it in jacuzzis in swinging clubs, but these are huge. Clubs with a Hot tub tend t have a no sex rule. I've also done it in swimming pools and although the chemicals can cause problems for the ladies, incluiding BV which wasn't mentioned above, I've never had an issue and I'm really sensitive.

I guess you been pretty lucky.

My poor brother and his wife had no such luck after some hot tub fun.

They both ended up with yeast infections from hot tub sex. Doc said that she passed it to him after she developed it.

I just don't want to take a chance.

I do not want a UTI again. After I had one a few years ago, I have drunk a 6 oz glass of cranberry juice every day with breakfast.

I cannot say for sure that that is the reason, but I have not had another UTI since. So I will keep drinking.


While making out / kissing and groping in a hot tub is amazing and I love the constrast of the hot water and cold air in the winter time if I am outside, I am cannot have anytype on insertion or all hell breaks loose in the form of BV and/or yeast infections.

But enjoy your time and fun... one thing that can also be amazing in the hot tub in cold weather is the man sitting up on the side for some "fun" or I also like to go topless to feel the cold air.

I know it's not a hot tub but the oh and I went camping the other year we were the only ones there the site had an indoor heated swimming pool so being we were the only ones there we made full use of the pool and yes we went all the way

"all the way"... I am not sure I have heard that terminology since...well I dont know know when. But glad ya'll had a good time!

Always liked the idea of hot tub fun didn't actually realise it was that bad for you ( not so clued up I guess) had sex in a spa bath no problems but that makes a big impact as hot tub sex was a big got to do on our wish list glad I know now though so big thanks to seeing this

We have had fun with me being bent over the hot tub, and with me perched on the edge while OH was stood in the tub. Great fun and I know what you mean Vanessa about hot water and cold air, or even snow, we love it.

On the list to do but didnt know the implications, now crossed off the list. Thanks for the heads up