Hot weather - and being an exhibitionist

As the weather has turned nice again i really feel like being a bit naughty in the open - i like to wear skimpy lingerie and a short skirt and enjoy a few naughty photos with my BF

Does anyone also like being a bit of an exhibitionist :bum1: :heart:


Totally with you there - nothing wrong with a bit of air up your skirt and as for naughty photos- nice !!!


I went to work commando… I never do that… felt as kinky as fuck. Actually I went to work with boxers on , then took them off… And sent a pic of him peeping out to prove it to OH… SUMMERS COMING !!! OUT DOOR SEX !!!
Anyone up for a thread on ‘2023 summer sex adventures’
Cant afford a prize, but i’m sure youll get your own rewards out of it. :grin: :grin: :grin:


Always a joy to feel the hot sun on my cock, especially through some sexy lingerie…now where’s that new lace thong I was wearing the other day?:wink:


We love to go to a naturist beach in the summer. I love slowly peeling off down to my sexiest lingerie. My husband is always amazed at the effect it has on the men on the beach. He says that I become a magnet for their lingering gaze. I really love this exhibitionist moment. I alway give them a repeat when dressing to leave. Im often going commando off the beach.


I’ve started using the outdoor gym equipment in the park since @mrssaffa said something about muscles. :muscle:

Well, we like going to the nude beach…so…yes


@Serpentwand ah yes, that post whereby I admitted to my mindless staring tendencies when it comes to my male’s muscles, I remember. :joy::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Go you, you’ll never regret keeping up with it hey, not just for the female gaze but for your own health and happiness gains :muscle:

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Not too much but sex in a warm sea is great


You can’t beat the feeling of having sex in the sea. Especially if the beach is crowded :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Love going commando in this weather. Wearing a nice low cut top or boob tube with no bra if the weather is warm. Even better if the nips are standing to attention. OH loves it.


Where is this beach ??

In hot weather, I wear as little as possible. I’d go naked constantly if my partners would let me. Not so much about being an exhibitionist…its just comfortable and I don’t care who has issues with it.


I live on the west Coast of Canada, in the Vancouver metropolitan area. We technically have 3 nude beaches in our area with the biggest one being Wreck Beach.
Wreck faces the ocean/Vancouver Island which makes sunsets on the beach amazing.


I would love nothing better than to be naked in the hot sun outside.

But unless I win the lottery and can buy an excluded mansion that’s just a fantasy for me unfortunately.

Mr FYEO and I went to a festival yesterday. I wore a short skirt and strappy top with no bra as it was so warm. Felt good not wearing a bra and knowing when there was a bit of a breeze it’d be noticeable, although also very nice being within a scene/community where people walk around in the skimpiest outfits and no one bats an eyelid :see_no_evil: