Hotels/places to have great sex

Tips for hotels /places that lend themselves to having amazing sex, eg, massive showers, mirrored ceilings, special furniture, deserted hut in the woods etc etc ?

boutique hotels might be what you are looking for. theyre usually really nicley decorated and posh. You could look for deals online to try and find them a little cheaper

I've managed to have a dig around for some vintage threads, that'll hopefully give you some inspiration!

Hotels for Sex Weekend

Sex Holiday/Dirty Weekends

Hotels with waterbeds / naughty / erotic rooms

My personal choice is the Inner Sanctum room (for the bed) and Old Rectory room (for the bathroom - it's mirrored) at The Witchery by the Castle in Edinburgh. Phwoar!

I've been saying it for years but I have to take the wife here for a weekend....

WOW Don_Don That looks amazing and great fun!

not a hotel but take a look at badwell ash in suffolk.

hot tubs , 4 posters and huge showers etc

relativly secluded - had loads of fun in hot tub and spent most of weekend nude x

A hotel room with a HUGE corner bath is somewhere I've always dreamed of.
I'm also quite partial to sex in the kitchen :P

I found large suites in Vegas to be pretty damn fun, although obviously for a weekend away they're a bit far.

Lovehoney - Cazz wrote:

WOW Don_Don That looks amazing and great fun!

Yeah I saw it years ago in a magazine and put it down for a dirty weekend away, still haven't managed it yet, if Lovehoney ever have that on the tester list then please sign me up.....

There is also a hotel in Co Cork in Ireland which has yout own en-suite spa room with double jacuzzi bath. pretty handy.

We did stay in a hotel called ME Cabo in Mexico, it was called the Personality Suite and had a massive balcony with private whirlpool bath and a kingsize sunbed.... was 100% private so you can imagine..

Thanks guys, great info


There's a competition on the Lovehoney blog to win a stay in Mr Darcy's Abode


We stayed in a hotel in Dunoon several years back, all rooms had water-beds and double sized baths. The lady running it asked if we wanted to borrow the camera tripod, we were surprised she'd got one. She said she'd been asked more than once if she'd hold people's video cameras and record them having sex; she wouldn't, but bought the tripod for that purpose.

It wasn't a sleazy place, very posh in fact.

We recently had a week in New York. We were lucky to get a room on the 61st floor. We had great sex right in front of the window knowing we were too high up for anyone to see us. Took her from behind while she bent over and lent on the window. So a room on a high floor is greatly recommended!