housework. is it a pain or pleasure

i like to make housework a pleasure to do buy wearing my impulse 10-function hands-free strap-on stimulator from lovehoney it helps the dreaded task time fly for me
do you find housework a pain or pleasure and what do you like to use

Well if you do housework wearing a 10 function(TEN?) stimulator, another "soldier" does the hoovering with "love eggs" in her and (another no names mentioned !!)does her housework in the nude apart from high heels!!......well perhaps that's were I been going wrong all these years cause I hate housework!!

HEHE!I think there are a few of us clean up in just heels... Its fun... just a few weeks ago me and my hubby were suposed to do some home improvements, but while my mum had 2 hellish days with my kids me and hubby went in almost every room in the house and had fun... on the kitchen sides in the bathroom, over the sofa,,, so that house work was fun fun fun!!

Any time....Any place....Any where.....
What a girl !!!
I bet life is never dull in your house !

HAHA no it int.... sometimes in the six weeks holidays we get frustrated because when you have had the kids all day you cant switch off at night... so we call up my mum :P *GOOD MUMMY BEAR* then we take a nice drive out to derbyshire... take a stroll on the moors and fuck like bunnies hehehehehe *VULGER I KNOW*

can you tell me the link im interested lol theres an idea ^_^
Dunno how much work I'd get done if I was wearing one of those. lol

As I think I said before on another thread, I sometimes wear my Igasm (As equivalent to whilst doing the hoovering and washing up! Makes the time fly soooo quickly! Also hoovering in the nude is awesome! hehe! :)

HappyCamper- I kinda enjoy house work too, and I'm young, so therefore you are young too lol.

Mind you, getting the motivation is hard. Damn my lack of 'stay there on their own' sex toys...