how can i get him to do more?!

it was my fiance that introduced me to bondage as he wanted to know and share fantasies etc i even brought more kinky outfits and bondage tape but hes only used it once and he has many a bondage porn mag laying around and hes always said he'd love to do all these different things to me but hasnt acted on any of them. any sugestions on how to make him do it more?

Tell him you wanna be tied up.. or ask him if he wants to be tied up... or even just tie him up while your on top :Phe may really wanna be tied up himself, or ask him if he had any fanttasies lately, then share any of yours with him, thats bound to get things going, any way good luck let us know how you get on :D

You could possibly try talking dirty to him during sex with fantasies about it.

why are men such hard work ?! he tells me what he want to do etc then dosent act on it, only thing is im gaggin for anything sexual from him atm cos i havent had sex for about a week

WoW hun, your guy sounds hard work!! I dont know what to tell you, But if my guy was not acting on anything sexuall then I would create oppertunities for you to get him turned on, I would get a bath then while he gets ready for bed or whatever, try to crawl accross the bed all suductive :P or when you are both getting ready for bed when you take off your under wear bend right over, giving him a little glimps to what he could have... then whiles he's hot and bothered get out the toys you want to use... HE CAN ONLY SAY NO!! if that dont get his juices flowing I dont know what will..

HUMZZ that looks all wrong... but you get the idea :S

Hun, honesty is the best policy and all i'd suggest you just straight out tell him how frustrated this is making you..and if that doesn't work, then i'd suggest throwing him on the bed and ravishing him, using whatever you're in the mood for...If THAT doesn't work..then I really don't know! I would suggest being a bit selfish sometimes though lol

My guys is kinda the same right into certain things on his own and for a while there it was really stressing me out, but I found the best way to handle him was go for an early night while he is in the other room grab a toy and make some noise, soon he will come in to see whats happening and if you have all your bondage kit sitting out on the bed next to you ask him does he want to join in - Can't Fail lol

you could ask him if he can get a mate over who would like to be tied up , then once he sees wat u r doing 2 his mate ask him does he want it done to him really make him jealous and turn him on im talking from exspeince as iv done it

x x


I'd go out and buy some more accessories - get him into the mood with some teasing and then gently blindfold him! Most men love a dominant female (and it works the other way round!) If you take the initiative you can later suggest ideas from the magazine and show him what you really want! Try talking dirty to him to descibe fantasies involving bondage, he might take the hint! Good luck!

Allyson I think you have the best idea yet, go make some noise alone he will soon run in .... :P I think that is a classic.

why don't you buy a bondage mag yourself and when he sees it and knows he hasn't been the one that bought that mag, he will realise that you are keen... then take some ideas from it and ask him if he wants to try any of it out.. even sit in bed one night reading the mag with eachother - speaking openly about what you like in it and hopefully he will follow, and let you know what he likes etc... then have fun and experiment!!! easily said than done i suppose, but its possible! he might be well up for it and just don't know how far you would go :-) good luck!!! xx

How did u get on? Did you give it a try?

hiya all, i havent been on here for a while but glad i managed to get back on here, thanks for all the tips etc think the one ill try is having a play whilst hes downstairs and just accidentally leave te bedroom door open ;)

we're finally getting somewhere!!
after an email or two hes finally decided to actually buy bondage stuff to use asap!!

RESULT!! thats good news, hope he likes what you 2 get, you'll have to get back to us to let us know how you get on :D

will do!!
ooh its gonna be a good week ;O)

What you do is get dressed right before he gets home. Surprise him when he walk through the front door. I know he wont refuse you. You be the one in control. I know he will beg you for more. Trust me it works.

just thought id post back and say sex plus bondage is THE BEST!!
hes finally doing it now, such a thrill and a turn on to be tied up and have him do whatever he pleases to me ;O)

Thants so great Emma... I love to be tied up.. I have had a few bad experiences with it though :S
cuffs rip my skin off :'(