How do i find his prostate

Just what you like so much. Woman fucking a guy with a strap on

yum I wanna play!

Ohhh! How could I not know that!

I guess I've been pegged then! Love being pegged soooo much!

he he I did think you'd know much more about it than little old me, who's so desperate to try! But as it says, it's a new word invented by savage's readers. I like his stuff, defo one I will add to my read list.

Strapon! wrote:

The feeling of your woman bending u over and giving ur ass a good fucking is the best feeling ever.

This is like the best quote ever!

Do you have a boyfriend....husband etc at the moment? Or are you waiting for your next guy to bend over and fuck!? ;-)

I'm single and could definitely do with a man to bend over (and for him to bend me over as well!)

I didnt realise how profound that comment was when I wrote it...but i'm sure that quote will go down in history!

Why are you single?! A foxy lady like you needs constant attention I'm sure! A big big fantasy of mine is to be fucking my girlfriend whilst being fucked by another naughty slut....not that I'm suggesting anything.

Note to self.... must stop flirting so obviously.

Ha flirt away please! Sounds damn good to me.

When me and my girlfriend decide to go ahead with the 3some fantasy....mind being contacted first?! ;-) x

I'm so top of the queue!

Glad to hear it imelda!!! I'm actually hard already! Me and the Mrs talk about it quite a lot and are considering slowly easing ourselves into it.... we think the first logical step is to let another girl watch.... and at first we want that to be online before we actually meet anyone. At least that way everyone knows what they are in for!

Would you care to watch or would you like to politely decline?! x

I wont take offence i promise!

I wanna watch! I would want to be very careful I wouldn;t fuck up a good relationship though. Wanna email me on ? Coz everyone else on the forum is about to shout get a room!

Adding you right now! I'll be informing my girlfriend to keep her in the loop at all times! You might be in for a wait tho before you can watch. We dont live together and a lot of the time when we have sex its in some sort of public bathroom as its not that easy to get to each others places because of work and distance etc.

When she's next round tho....I just hope your free!

What happens, happens is the best thing!

That sounds like a good attitude to me! But we have talked about it in detail and having someone watch online is something we both definately want to do. We're gna take it from there and see how we feel about it.

It will be exciting anyway...and who knows what it can lead to! Do you have a webcam by the way? We'd like the assurance of knowing there's not a group of 80 year old men watching my pert sexy 22 year old lady!


I don't, but I can take fast photos and send them (I've done cybersex before). I totally get the issue but can't afford to splurge on a webcam (if that makes it a no go absolutely fair enough!) I can also do skype so I can do voice to try and reassure!

Sounds good....i'm sure we can work something out! Shouldnt be too hard and you do seem genuine enough. As long as the girlfriend is happy then so am I!

Ok Imelda....i've got revision to do and you have distracted me alllll night so far! Bad Girl! I'll probably be back at 1am to check if you've replied tho!

C ya sexy! x

Ha! I do like to corrupt you name your terms and we can work to those. As I say, email me and we can chat more because I can tell you more about me privately. Good luck with the revision, I'm glad that's all behind me now hopefully! (until I decide to do an MBA) Night night, sweet dreams...

Bye imeldaimeldaimelda! So good i named her thrice! Nite x

LOL thanks honey! I tried to change my pic for ya but it obviously needs time to change aw well something to wait for. You still owe me one of you!