How do I know it's new?!

Hi guys.

I have a couple of items in my basket, and just thought when I get them - how do I know they are definitely new?!

I know you can return things, so it just worried me a bit!

I'm a first time buyer, and you guys have given good advice so far so I hope you can put my mind at rest!


I've watched a few of lovehoneys documentries and they will not resell it if it has been used as that would be very unhygenic and illegal. The staff will check each item that was returned over throughly to make sure that it has not been used.

I'm just made my second ever order and recieved my items all brand new and very clean as like my first order.

I can understand your worry but trust that the staff at lovehoney know what they are doing and wouldn't allow a used return to be resold.

Hope this has eased some of your worries.

- B

See replies from LH staff in this thread explaining how returns are handled.

Hey Flip-Flop!

The vast majority of items arrive in packaging sealed during manufacturing - I've made many many orders and find all boxes are sealed and the contents sometimes also in sealed plastic bags.
Hey - and sometimes we have to just trust in blind faith that a company like LoveHoney would never pass on used products! xx

Staff have said before that if they can’t be 100% sure that something is unused it isn’t put back on the shelves to be resold x


LH would not sell second hand products, bu to answer your question, they come usually sealed from the manufacturer, so it is clear that they were not yet used...

But I never had any issues with LH in this respect.

I don't worry about possibly used toys at all, because I scrub down all new toys with hot water and disinfectant soap - to get any residues from production, factory dust, whatever, off of them (and I don't buy porous (jelly, rubber, etc.) toys).

I do wish though that LH wouldn't sell unsealed cosmetic products...