How do i tell my man...

i like the thought of bondage since i love it when my boyfriend pins me down in sex. i'd love to try out a bit more in this area but im not sure how to tell my boyfriend as im not sure he would like the idea, any ideas?

start very basic, pin his arms down when you are going down on him,like you have been doing.He obviously likes the idea as he is doing it to you! Slowly introduce cuffs, ropes, blindfolds, feathers massage oil, (The list is endless!) into the fun. Much better just to introduce it as an element of surprise, rather than him expecting it next bonking session!

i agree, start slowly with cuffs, you can get some great ones that are really soft, maybe introduce a blindfold and definatly just go ahead and surprise him. Everyone wants to be dominated once in a while

I enjoy a bit of bondage and 'forcefulness' too, I basically told my other half and thought he would reply with weird, but to my amazement he actually was getting turned on by the thought. Just be honest with him and tell him outright, maybe ask would he be willing to try it?

There are a couple of nice-looking bondage kits which are packaged in a non-threatening way -- you can give them as a gift and laugh it off if he gives you a funny look ;-)

Our First Bondage Kit

Do Not Disturb Kit is good too:

I expect your man is thinking the same thing and worrying the same way. Pinning you down is obvious mild bondage and he may well be testing the water to see if he dare ask you for more... often happens ;)

Communication is the key, as always :)

cheers everyone, :D managed to swing him round to the idea and am very glad i did :P and might well try one of those bondage kits

deff introduce it slowley, i was keen to bondage so starting were we all do i used my silk scarfs to blindfold him and tie his hands then it just went from there he loved the element of suprise and soon started lovin it so much i even got the treatment!

most men love the idea of a dominant woman so it's definately worth trying to persuade him..most men will do anything a woman wants when that woman is naked lol

I like the idea of this but never tried it, maybe ill ask my next boyfriend this. So hun go for it ask him :~D

i asked my boyfriend about getting handcuffs n he seemed pretty freaked out, i dont know whether its just because he's never tried anything like this before with his exes n it seems weird too him. any ideas?

I always quite fancied bondage, but told any of my previous partners for fear of "freaking them out".

When I started going out with my current partner, she would pull my hair, firmly but quite gently, during sex. I started to retaliate, pin her to the bed, slap her arse etc....

Turns out she is in to bondage etc... as well, but was also afraid to ask for it.

Just goes to show!

Deep down I believe everyone wants to dominated or domineering in sex and bondage is a great way of expressing yourself in ways that in common society is strickly taboo to talk about but if you look online and at sex shows it turns out nearly everyone does it, so just ask your partner to try it and see what you both think and go from there.

i first told my boyfriend we need another bed,he looked a bit bemused as we recently bought one,but when i mentioned we need one with a headboard i could be tied to,out came the credit card,result.

i always love dressing up for my husband i just love to see his cock go from nothing to haed within a second. i find it a real turn on. his in the army and loves to c me in his uniform

silly me i ment hard

silly me i ment hard

well u could start by writing ur boyfriend a love letter and tell him what u would like him to do to you. (gets my hubby going everytime). i am quite a shy person when it comes to my hubby for some reason. tell him the in's and out's or just the basic line of what u want him to do. i am sure that it will help u and it saves a lot of embarresment on ur behalf

When we first started we used silky scarves. It's a really cool, gentle way to ease yourselves into it. The best thing to do is to start gently and build up. That way you get to explore your boundaries together without anybody feeling uncomfortable...Definitely go for it won't regret it and I can almost guarantee he'll love it!

In my experience bondage newbies are worried mostly about not being able to stop what's happening if they're tied up and decide they don't like what's happening. That's why trust is vital. Velcro cuffs are a great way to start for this reason because you can get out of them if you really want to. Whatever you do, always always agree a safety word before you begin playing. "No" and "Stop!" are usually all part of bondage play, so choose a weird word instead. If it gets said you stop immediately and release your partner. It's important to stick to this if you want to be trusted and allowed to experiment.