How do they do it?!

Warning: This is pretty much a mushy love letter to Lovehoney. Divert your eyes now if you are made easily nauseous...

LH staff have done it again! I missed out on my Birthday discount by one day because I was waiting for the Kiss Me Deadly Longline Vargas Girdle to come back in stock and it arrived later than the date given on the site. I emailed explaining what had happened and enquiring as to whether I should rely on the dates given in future or whether they're just a rough guide (just for future reference!). The lovely Louise emailed me back almost immediately instructing me to place my order so that she could refund the difference of the discount back to me! Which she did straight away!

I ordered it via an email that had a promotion for a free Tracey Cox bullet on orders over £35. The bullet didn't show up in the order so I rang not to complain, but to find out if this had been because of the birthday thing (I figured that maybe you couldn't use two offers at once). The lovely Siobhan answered and looked at the order seeing that even with the discount my order was still over £35 so added the free bullet to my order!

They both arrived promptly the next day with free delivery.

I have big BIG love for LH customer service! Truly Outstanding! I also adore my new goodies!

Thank you LH, for making my birthday week even better!


Alot of companies could learn alot about customer service from LH!

Glad you had a great birthday

All customers should have the best service possible.

In todays market good customer service can be the difference between making it and not.

LH is one of the best companies to deal with.


I've never experienced service like it! They're so helpful and friendly!

Love it Love it Love it.

Don't go changing on me, LH. I've recommended you to everyone I know!

And thank you M & A. I had a lovely birthday!

Hey Guys and Gals!!

This is great-thank you ALL ever so much. Great feedback like this is really appreciated and helps us know we are on the right tracks....

It really lifts the's not always an easy job, so some appreciation like this is very welcome!!

Have a very sexy Xmas all!!



Ive had to call a few times after my husband orders something that I ordered the night before (such as deals of the day). Ive never known such a quick, knowledgeable team of Customer support agents. - EK's wife