How do you eat yours?


I recently entered into my first gay relationship. My new girlfriend is incredible but much more experienced at sleeping with women than I am.

She seems rather satisfied with what I'm doing so far but I'd really love to just blow her mind!

So, please share your best cunnilingus tips for driving women wild!

- Sarah

It may sound very silly, but one trick I picked up that has driven all my past partners and my OH wild is vibrating your throat!

It's a little tricky to explain, but if you hold your hand over your throat and say the alphabet very slowly and drawn out like "aaaaaaaaa" "bbbbbbbb" you can feel different vibrations rumbling through your throat. The aim is to capture that vibration with as little sound as possible(takes practice!) then while doing the deed slowly work through the alphabet.

Every letter has it's own vibration frequency which emans they all feel unique, some will satisfy more then others, so just pay attention so whe you find one that really gets her going you can come back to it. Eventualy you can just cycle the letters you know she likes the most, like my cycle at the moment is "B, G, D, T, P, Z" and every now and then I throw in a random letter just to keep her on her toes, then she can't get used to the routine and stop enjoying it as much! ;)

Is this any use...

Although I'm bi I've never gone down on a girl before, but my OH is amazing and although he won't tell me what he does I know my favourite bit is where his tongue goes big and soft and he sucks my clit, and using a finger to stimulate the g spot

Hi there, Lovehoney sell some great books on cunnilingus, which have some great reviews:

Hope this helps :) x

Thanks for your tips and product recommendations guys, I shall have a look through them!

Tromain that alphabet thing sounds interesting!!

Sucking and flicking touge around the clit, Ive never tried the humming thing might do but I think I would end up laughing or my wife would.

I love it when my partner uses 1 or 2 fingers inside me (rubbing my g-spot) while giving me oral.

Lollipop ;) wrote:

I love it when my partner uses 1 or 2 fingers inside me (rubbing my g-spot) while giving me oral.

this too, I find it easier while she is on top and Im underneath.

My advice is general, becuase evey person with a vulva is different.

Firstly, communicate. Ask her what she enjoys; you can talk before hand or you can ask her to give feedback as you go. If she can't verbalise pick up on her responses, her breathing, little sounds and movements.

Secondly, go read this, written by WSW for WSW, it's kind of 101 style:

Thirdly, experiment. Try different things and see how she responds. But just don't technique as she's approaching orgasm - that's the time to be consistent.

The lazy tongues guide to humming when giving oral: Hold a vibrator firmly at the under side of your chin, where you can feel your tongue move. The vibes travel then.

Greedily :p