How do you get rid?

Random thought today - how does everyone get rid of the boxes that their toys come in? Do you shred it within and inch of its life and bury it at the bottom of the bin? Or just sling it on top of the recycling without a care of the neighbours see?

I’m usually careful to make it not very obvious what was displayed on the front of the box and try to mix it in with some of the other recycling!

Straight in the recycling! We have so much other stuff in there, I doubt anyone would even notice.

Same here ! I just flatten the box and shove it in with all the other stuff , not really that bothered if the recycling people notice or not ... we do have lids on our boxes though .

Same ... I just put it the recycling bag, which I might add is see through ! I don’t mind if anyone sees xx

Just put it in the recycling bags, I try to hide it so neighbours/children walking past cannot see and if the box has a picture of the massive dildo for example I try to bury it in the bag under a load of other recyclables. It all goes in a machine so I am not too worried.


chuck it in the recycling bin, it's out of sight.

I put my boxes in the recycling.

Yep just pop it in the recycling bin.. Not really bothered what the bin men think 😜

Haha good stuff - looks like I’m being a bit over cautious!

Thats what neighbours' bins are for πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

Only kidding, boxes get flattened and maybe folded inside out if it's very graphic. I like the Bondage Boutique range for easy and discretion of disposal. Things come in a clear plastic bag with minimal fuss. Easy to hide in the recycling.

Straight into recycling bin. Don't have good neighbors anyway always stealing my parcels.

Straight in the cardboard bin.

Straight in recycling after taking the returns sticker out the box , we are very open so don't care if people see the box we now embrace it.

Straight in the recycling. Never really given it a second thought. Although it did hide the lingerie out of the wash basket when my friend offered to hang it up for me...

recycle bin...let's face it.....we are all at it!

As I unfortunately live with someone who's nosy, I tend to save up my delivery boxes and then hide all sex toy/lingerie packaging inside them and then put them in the recycling bin on empyting day. It all gets flattened on the lorry anyway so doesn't matter much!

If I lived alone I wouldn't care, I'd just throw them in.

All boxes, packaging etc from Lovehoney orders just goes in the recycling bin. I've have seen the binmen smirk sometimes when they open the lid to check the contents before emptying the bin πŸ˜‰ lol. X

Ours goes in our recycling bin. If there are any pictures or such on the packaging, Mrs Sen makes sure its inside something or burried below newspaper etc. Mostly as our kids, once in a blue moon if appropriately bribed, may put stuff in there too.

I dont bother shredding, but I live in a shared house at the moment so I put it straight in the outside wheelie bin and bury it.Avoids embarrasment of it sitting in the recycle box indoors for all to see!

We use the boxes to store things around the house and garden shed.

As for the packageing, we just put them in with the rubbish. We dont have a collection here in Spain, we take our rubbish to the bins and just drop them in.