How do you start your sex videos

What do couples do to start there sex video does one of you walk in the bedroom or do you play a role or just get down to it what things do you do to one another do you use toys or is there third person etc

I would imagine different people do different things, it might also depend on the scenario.

There are thousands of videos out there covering all you mentioned and more.

I guess it’s down to personal preference :blush:

I’m wondering the same thing. Haven’t done it before, but looking to create a shocking “gift” for my awful mother. For my situation, I’m thinking an overly chipper, wide-smile and wave sort of greeting. :grin:

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When we make videos it’s of something specific so we just get to it.


I press play, look at the camera and say “Hey Vsauce! Michael here.” :rofl:

Just like to here people’s best one they have done

Just press play and get to it… :wink::grin:

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away……”


@marbles1 I only hope that this was a joke and not a reflection of your sex life. If it is the latter then I apologise for the laughing emoji.

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What’s best one u have done

I think I know why no one can actually answer this.

Seems like everyone is pressing play instead of record…


And excited lol

My wife has been camera shy for our whole marriage . So all videos are staring myself and a variety of toys . I think through exactly what I am going for in each video before hand and only occasionally go off script . Many of my videos have me riding a dildo , also stroking myself to climax . Cock sounding also . One of my top two videos are me using the dildo mount at the foot of my bed as in this picture , the enthusiasm and gyrations shows me in the throughs of passion . The other one is a fairly close up of me taking my big 9" dildo and the stroking to some very impressive multiple cum shots . My freshly hairless tanned ass consuming that fat 9" dildo . I have not counted how many videos I have , I would guess 30-50 . I edit them for length somewhat , so they get right down to it . Have sent many to wife for her play time enjoyment . I tend to do more videos and photos when I am well tanned . Anyway , here is one of my top two setup videos . Use your imagination to remove my heavy clothing and add motion . Cum to think of it I need to recreate this one using the 9" .

That awkward, someone starting it and then walking back to where the other person is… :sunglasses:

Bare arse walking away from the camera :rofl:

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

    - The Sale of Two Titties

Well, I did it! Been thinking about it and wanting to do it for a while, so here’s how I really started my sex video:

It opens with me and GF sitting on the bed, with me wearing a cut-off t-shirt and her hands over my crotch.

“Hi Mom! Remember when you told me I’d have to keep the lights off for anybody to want me? Well, today we’re keeping the lights on. Its no secret! When I’m ready, its a full two inches long…”

(Moved the camera down for a clit closeup next to a ruler, followed by GF kissing my neck so I can deposit cream in her hand.)

“That had to come out first. There’s just no room in there otherwise…and my husband said he has a present for me.” :grin:

I delivered all of this with a ridiculously innocent, chipper tone and a big wide smile. Happy Mother’s Day, you awful excuse for a parent.

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Are you actually sending it to your mum?

Hell yeah! My mother was awful. She spent my teenage years telling me I was unattractive, that because I look like a boy nobody would want to marry me. That she didn’t have to worry about me having sex when I was a teenager, because there wasn’t any risk of me finding somebody. And that if I did find a husband, I’d have to make sure I kept the lights off on our wedding night so he wouldn’t leave me. :roll_eyes: And then in my 20s my parents totally rejected me for having a girlfriend…so its kind of a “revenge” video. :fu: :grin:

:cry:iam sorry to hear this but are u happy and enjoying this life