How does this toy works?


We have the change to test a new toy but we don't know how it's supposed to work. I'm talking about this toy:

I can't find on the internet how this toy should be placed around the penis. There is a small ring and I assume this one goes around the base of the penis and the larger ring goes around the balls. But the vibrating "bullet" can be placed between the penis and balls or it can be placed at the top of the penis (against the pubic bone) so the bigger ring goes around and at the back of the balls. The nodule is described as a ball stimulator.

Does anyone have experience with this and help us? Thanks. x

1 ring goes around the shaft, the other ring (assuming the bigger one) goes around the balls, with that lil dangly bit sitting against the undercarriage.

No experience with this but give it a go, the fun in testing is finding your way x

Yep I agree with Blueeyes..... Looks like fun