How frequent are you?

I was sitting here looking at the calendar, dreading an upcoming trip where I will be away for 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!! That is a lot of missed time with MRS and the family; but also a lot of missed "sessions".

That made me think, what is your normal frequency?
Ours is normally 5-6 days a week, well... 3 weeks out of the month ;)

How about you all?

G'evening cowboy, I can't join in with this as I have been recently left asunder, however I would be very happy with 5-6 days a week... I think thats a marvelous standard!

May I ask how long you and the Mrs have been together?

Hey IG, sure you can!
We were each others firsts and have been together for 17years.

For the record, I was not complaining! =D

Up until about 2 months ago I would please Mistress 10 times a week or so, and sometimes more than once a time.
However due to unforeseen events this has reduced to 2 or 3 times a week at the moment.

3 or 4 times a week for us. Sometimes more, sometimes less....x

Yeah, I guess I was thinking "days" at least once a week we would go more than once a day.
@SS, that is a neat thought as to how many times... as funny as this would sound, we track everything including sessions and details (in a spreadsheet so I can corralate data no less)

I am a geek, its true LOL

Me and my oh don't live together .. so only see each other 4-5 Times a week .. I have kids and we both work full time.

We do have sex 3 -4 Times a week tho .. but if we lived together properly at least every night ...

That is a little geeky cowboy.
I keep 2 journals - one a log of my naughty behaviour and another is the record of punishments.

Before I discovered LH and began experimenting, me and the OH were only getting it on maybe once a week due to my zero sex drive cause of illness but now we're getting back on track (: when my first order arrived, we went two weeks straight, every single day.

@SS, that is cool... geek is cool! The Geek runs deeper than that though... that is another post LOL

I used averages to make it simmple but it is 18-22 sessions per month.
The week of high drive after cycle is at least once a day, the next is close, the third would be around 4 and the week of 2-4 times.

So, yeah... a fair bit LOL
See, that is why I was looking at the calendar thinking, NO, not "those" two weeks! ROFL

So it'll be 18-22 times in one week then cowboy

Well, have to make quota some how LOL!

Well, have to make quota some how LOL!

We have been married for 15 years and we have sex every day - it just seems to keep getting better and better :) xx

Scorpius that is great, that is the idea... it is not supposed to get stale; and may it always be so!

Scorpius, that's amazing! You never hear about that. What's your secret?

We'll played scorpius. We're your typical 0-3 times a week couple.

Once a month if lucky. Our sex drives are heading in different directions.

I have been wwith my OH for 2 months so still honeymoon period in the week its at least once a day if not more depending on what kind of day we have had at work weekends are the best lazy days chill out in bed all day however we have no children to disturb the peace at the min so currently enjoying the moments we have together whether that be love making or kinky fun . Its not a competetion of who gets its the most at the end of the day sex isnt about the act its about the love passion you have for each other when you are connected in the most amazing way possible for that moment in time when its just about you two . : P

Avarage twice a week, depending on the week.