How long now without sex?

Me and my boyfriend still live with parents and due to the lockdown I haven't seen him in person for over 10 weeks now. So no penis for over 10 weeks and that is not much fun anymore! I have started using a dildo now but would also love the real thing. Anyone in a similar postion?

I think a lot of people are! So many walls climbed and batteries worn out

One thing that never occurred to me... i know of a person who has been having a long term affair with a married man, since lockdown the married man can't use going to the pub as an excuse to get out for his Friday night liaison with her.

I fully understand's awful...

6weeks for me and counting no reason why just long days and 4 kids all stuck at home finding alone time not too easy even for a crafty one lol

Since before New Years.... And counting lol

My partner was with me when lock down happened, so he’s staying with me and parents, we manage to have sex still but we have to be super careful which takes the fun out of it. :( It’s a constant listening for them walking around or coming up stairs to use the loo, are getting getting up in middle of the night, totally paranoia lol We’ve had to wait until 2-3am to go at it to guarantee they are asleep but one time dad did wake up to go to the loo, I didn’t hear him and he must have heard us going at it and I got shouted at the next day by my parents about being more discreet and being more respectful of other people, which turned into a fight of “so it’s ok I hear you and mum though” 🙄 So now we have to be totally silent, choose positions that don’t make a whole lot of noise and how fast we got at it and use toys that are quiet lol

Quite a few months now, but after almost 14 years of marriage and getting to know my OH's body, what turns her on, medical conditions that prevent intimacy at times, I'm okay with it. Do I want to have more sex... well yeah. But not if she doesn't want to.

Omg Gerkin86 watch out it hasn’t healed up love xx

No worries there 😘 I get enough self love to prevent that from ever happening lol x

Cool I would be amazed if you didn’t have plenty of offers hun 😘

Not looking for offers 😊 just working through a dry spell with my other half ❤️ trying to rekindle the flame 😘 all starts with a little spark x

Gerkin after nearly 6 months maybe you need to throw a bit of petrol on that spark! 🔥😉

It's probably best not to comment on anyone's particular situation unless they ask for advice. If you don't know all the details you may make them feel uncomfortable. 👍


Gerkin86 i am sure things will work out hun gl keep it going hun 💋❤️

Sorry, just trying to lighten the situation.

It's been 2 years and 7 months and 3 weeks. ☹️ Sadly hubby can't anymore so, solo play only

Well done Fun Louise 💋❤️ Keep it up lol

chunkyKitKat wrote:

I think a lot of people are! So many walls climbed and batteries worn out

I love your post!

For me, there's no real one long before the lock down. So I'm enjoying all my dildos, both very old and not so old ones, wooden, plastic and silicone,....

I’ve been single for a few years now so it’s a very looooooong dry spell.