How long should i have been with my partner until we have sex

i frequently use my vibrator it is put to good use, but the thing is that i havnt had sex with a bloke at all EVER so im still kinda a vrigin if you guys get what i mean lol

well anyway lately im gagging for it to say the least and im with a guy weve tried dating b4 but it didnt work but now were both going for it, and its working

the thing is ive told him i dont want sex til im married and hes not done a runner !!!! AMAZING I KNOW how long should i wait before i commit sexually- we have only been going out for 2 weeks and hes 19

any help

It's totally a personal thing. There is no 'set time' you should wait.
Once you're completely comfortable with him, and trust him with your life, then you're ready.
As a general thing, though, as it would be your first time, I would say you should wait at least 3 months. It takes a while to get to know someone properly, and most relationships that aren't going to last at least a while are usually showing cracks by then. say you don't want sex until your question seems a little odd.

hi miss nomer i was thinking 3 months to get to know him and his family and stuff and i told him no sex until marriage to see how he really felt with me- deviouse i know but i can see he really likes me

i would say about 1 and a half to 2 months, but i dont think it really matters. if your serious and feel its right you should do it in that moment

i waited 3 months with my first time boyfriend even though id known him for years cuz i really didnt want to regret my first time (3 months must be a lucky number!!) but with my second and current boyfriend we clicked straight away and had so much chemistry that it was only about 3 weeks until i slept with him- and i wouldve prob done it sooner! It's true what miss-nomer says about it being totally depends on both you and the guy and thats about it! but im confused too about the whole waiting til marriage thing...

right regarding the waiting til marriage, basically i just made that up to see if he really cared for me and coz he hasnt done a runner i can say he cares lol

Haha, very devious. I like it!

i agree. To tell you the truth....ive been with my boyfriend for two years and the day i met him i did not know him...(just sin him around and thought he was an attractive guy!) little did i know that a few months later he would come round my friends house and i quickly snapped him up lol. yep the first time i met him...and barely knew him but i dont regret not waiting any longer....its torture waiting!!

what have you decided looly? any significant changes?

haha sorry for just renaming you lolly :D