How many orgasms in a solo session?

My boyfriend loves to watch me play alone but is surprised that I usually go twice when I'm masturbating. I usually go for 2 orgasms when I'm alone, the first seems to get me started then the second is what I need and fininshes me off. He can only go once and thinks I'm strange! Does anyone else go more than once?

Alone i go once usually cause it seems like i wont be able to go again so soon. With my partner its multiple cause they seem smaller compared with me masterbating.

When I go alone I can only usually go once, however since my Partner is away most of the time we generally have phone sex quite a lot, when I'm doing it with him on the phone I can go several times. I must me more turned on those occasions.

Alone, I can have multiple! There's nothing strange about being able to do that!

Ye i often have more than one when im alone, why stop at one if you can have more? Nothing odd about it to me.

just the once . :(

At least two, often many more.

Georgina71 wrote:

At least two, often many more.

Ditto! I can never seem to stop myself :(

theMightyBum wrote:

Thinking back to my teenage years now when I would give myself three or four orgasms in the space of a few hours sometimes. Oh how that made me ache afterwards!

I know what you mean MB - Those were the days!

Girls are lucky, most can manage multiple orgasms in the one session, and I always made sure that my partner did just that before allowing myself the pleasure as I have never managed more than once in the one session with a partner. However, I could usually manage again later that night. Mind you, that was back in the good old days when I had an active partner, been so long now I don't even know if I could manage the one.

As for in a solo session - well prostate massaging allows me to have multiple "dry" orgasms, but if it's "standard" then it's just the one.

4 on my own to get myself squirting, and about 3 or 4 when having sex and then i just squirt for the rest of it.

One clitoral orgasm for me 95% of the time anyway. On rare occasions, I still feel horny after the first one and will go again, often the second takes longer and isnt as satisfying for me. The second is also harder to reach and is almost impossible without some serious vibration. I think 4 is the most I have had in one night (Over 6 ish hours) my partners most was 5 times. He is also a "Once and I am done" kinda guy but occasionally, like me, will still be horny and can go again about half hour later.

There is absolutely nothing weird about the fact you like to orgasm twice and do so with ease. Lucky girl in my opinion, and lucky boyfriend for getting to share that with you!

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Georgina71 wrote:

At least two, often many more.

Ditto! I can never seem to stop myself :(

Why the sad face? :)

I don't actually know haha

*:D fixed!

sarahkitty wrote:

Does anyone else go more than once?

Frontal — one. Backdoor, hard to tell how many, since it's more like an earthquake with aftershocks. Recently I figured out how to have both at the same time.

You girls have the advantage over men in this respect, though with training I believe we guys can have multiple aswell (although why we have to train to do it and it not be natural God only knows). We have to reprogramme ourselves to orgasm without ejaculation. Though even if there was a manual I bet we wouldn't read it !!!! As for a prosate orgasm, I've yet to go the whole way but did come close once and that was mind blowing enough.

Does any other guys have this problem, weak orgasms? Sometimes I'll come and it'll be like "Oh that's it?" where other times it will be a real leg trembler or if i'm lucky my eyes just roll. Is it an age thing (i'm nearly 40)

Usually once, but sometimes I can have 2 or 3. I get really sensitive around my clit if I have a big orgasm and can't bear to be touched, but if I have a smaller orgasm to start with, I can then have more.

Usually 3 times x

Solo at least twice one big one and a simmering one , we also have phone sex being in a LDR depends how horny I am at least once but can sometimes be 3 depending how long we are on the phone for. When we T it varies it can sometimes just be one big one that leads me to becoming shakey stevens or it can be loads that I even lose count . I enjoy each one & as long as your happy it doesnt really matter how many you have as long as your having a banging good time

I usually can’t on my own and get frustrated and upset, whereas I can have multiples with my partner. I tend to get excessively sensitive at the brink. And when I say sensitive I mean to the point which it becomes really REALLY painful so I give up on my own. However when I’m with my OH, he relaxes me, pins me down and helps me push past the painful point and distracts me from it which results in some amazing orgasms Xx

Always just once, with or without hubby.

usually big and satisfying though

You might have something called delayed ejaculation MightyBum. It's surprisingly common and certainty shouldn't stop you from having a fulfilling sex life! Have you spoken to your GP about it? Xx