How many times?

We tend to save Sunday nights for a really good relaxed session. I love the anticipation but would still like a few quickies during the week. How often are you at it??

not enough

when we get the chance, usually when we aren't tired and I don't have work that evening lol.

Somewhere between everyday and every other day. If I'm lucky I get twice a day and if it's been a bad day I can go two days without... Basically, it varies, but is controlled by OH

Mortimer wrote: How often are you at it??

Probably once every four to six months. So +1 to what Purring-Pussy said.

I only get to be with my girlfriend for a few days every couple of weeks, so when we're together it's usually between 2 to 5(!) times a day.

Ikey wrote:

I only get to be with my girlfriend for a few days every couple of weeks, so when we're together it's usually between 2 to 5(!) times a day.

Bloody hell I have some of what you're on, way to go!

Once... If I'm lucky 😫

2-3 times a week ish I guess, hard with kids and being tired, I do find the longer we leave it the better it is guess thats normal though.

It depends more on my OH, but in some weeks we can get it nearly everyday and in others around 3 to 4 times more or less. But for a few months now that we have every week at least once, and it has been rare to be the case. However we rarely have quickies as we both prefer sex for long, in the very least minimum for half an hour.

Exceptions are made to the period week as neither of us fancies that.

Last two weeks it's been 4 times a week but three weeks ago we only managed it once that week. Just depends how tired we both are and work/children commitments

We see each other Fri-Mon, I'd say within Friday & Saturday it can be up to 7+ times then once or twice on sunday, I tried to initiate today before going to uni but he didn't want to ruin my make up.

Mostly every night, sometimes every other night depending on how tired we are.

No way near enough and we will both agree to that..... a certain 2 year old is probably the reason behind that... We did decide a while back that Thursday night is dirty night no matter what and then inbetween is whatever happens, happens. I do miss the real quickies we used to have where it might be me watching tv, she'd just come in straddle me and....welll you know.

Although we have had an adventerous couple of events on nights out now instead so.... meh

Once a week, sometimes less sometimes twice depends on life, kids etc

3/4 Times a week but lately 2 time a week been tired with work. To be honest the Oh can go for 1/2/3 hours including four play so 1/2 time a week is enough for me.

Probably twice everyday or every second day. :) x

Everyday most of the time, very rare we don't, but I do love it when he is on lates, they make for the best kind of LONG extra special sessions, Hmm getting goose bumps just thinking about it, hours of pleasure!

Every 3 days or so. Again like someone else said it is better if there us more of a gap.

did it last night after 2 days and we just weren't horny enough.

Each week differs for us, it can be anywhere from once a week to 2 or 3 times a day for a week. We used to be at it like rabbits all the time but found it started to seem a bit repetitive so we agreed that we would try push our boundaries more rather than just have lots of vanilla sex. It's the best decision we ever made to be honest, after a little caution sharing fantasies, we quickly realised we're both as kinky as each other lol. I think it made us closer and stronger as a couple knowing we can ask to try anything without the fear of one of us thinking badly of the other. So for us it's more about quality than quantity :)