How many toys to have?

I love sex toys, never think i could have enough because they are all so different, however i think my missus thinks differently.

Most of the toys we have are pretty much for me and i still want more am i weird?

How many toys would you say is enough?

i think im much more adventurous than her i suppose, hopefully as we get older she will become as adventurous as me :P

It really depends on you and what it is that you want, for how many toys you're going to have. New things are coming out and other things are going to interest us.

I have probably more than 200 sex toys now, and I'm still getting some. The OH has built up a nice collection of his own toys now too.

Wow thats a lot!! well done!!

eventually when i get round to it im going to have secret door in the back of the walkin wardrobe (with a lock on it) which leads to another walkin wardrobe just for toys lol.

any ideas on how to get the OH to be more interested in toys?

:O 200 sex toys.

Heck I have some catching up to do. Like A LOT. Dont worry about having a lot of sexy toys, variety is the spice of life and all that

I think however many toys you want and can afford, is the right amount to have.

You're not alone, I love having a really wide selection of sex toys. I have tried and loved clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators, anal vibrators, thrusting vibrators, butt plugs, ben wa balls, realistic dildos, glass dildos, anal balloon pumps, bondage gear, pussy pumps.... the list goes on and on! Why limit myself to just one?

I am trying to limit myself to only one or two toys in each category right now, though. It's pretty difficult, especially when a tempting DotD comes along... but storage is becoming an issue, lol. And if I have too many toys in one category - lots of similar vibrators, for example - it just starts to feel like a waste of money because I settle on my favourites and then I end up not using the rest of them.

I have just in the last hour decided to splurge on a pretty big item. I have about five different toys I'm returning because I don't like or don't use them, and finally decided that the refunds from that combined with Christmas bonus money means I can justify something I've had my eye on for a while:

If this leads to a sex toy machine obsession, then God help me. :P

What is it that holds your wife back from having sex toys? Does she just not like using them, or is she unsure what she would like? If she's scared of buying things in case she ends up hating them, let her know about Lovehoney's return policy - if she doesn't like it, she can just send it back, no questions asked. It might help her feel secure in being a little bit more adventurous. If she isn't very experienced with toys, maybe start small - a vibrating cock ring if you don't already have one, some nice orgasm gels or heated lubes, or a bullet vibrator. If she really doesn't want to try toys, don't force the issue - she might just not like them, and that's fine. Some folks just don't like sex toys.

thanks cutiecurious that really helps :D,

i think i just worry a lot lol. Id love to have a collection like that!

i dont with her lol, shes just not very adventurous in the bedroom, espicially at the moment as we are both always tired. Im a medical student so finding the time to even think of being adventurous is difficult lol.

however she does really like the little bullet we have and when in the right mood loves the strapon, id love her to be more brave and be more of a domanatrix but a man can only hope lol

also you said you have the ballon pump, any good? ive got the pump up vibrating butt plug and just wondering what you think?

I blog about sex toys though, So I review them. It stands to reason I'd have a lot.

The OH got interested in them really just because we're open and communicate about everything, so when he says "I might like to try that" I put it on the list and get it.

I was going to take some pictures of my sex to collection, the other day so I could subit them on fet life.

Alas while laying them out, I soon realised my collection was pretty poor, hence I am goign to be focusing on putting money away, so I can buy a few at the same time. I agree that you can not have enough sex toys. I love glass, bullet vibrators, wands and clitoral vibrators.

I mean come on when you come on LH and look at all they have to offer its like a kid in a sweet shop

I want that one and that one Oooo and that one! lol Oooo SHINY

We have too many sex toys, I say that cause they are starting to take over the house.

I think that we should maybe convert the loft and put the daughter up there then take over her bedroom so ours is bigger and we can have more storage for the toys.

I don't want to take photos of our toys it would take too long to put them all away, there's his box my box the secret toy case's that get swapped for fun nights, then the no longer used boxes not wanted box and spares.

@ Cuddlekins Sounds like a `fun` house :)

We have a pretty large chest filed with all sorts of goodies. A lot of it is aimed at BDSM play, but we have all sorts of other stuff.

Does your OH use this site? Maybe get her a gift voucher for her birthday and it might spark some curiosity.

We have loads but I've just decided to start buying few luxury items rather than loads of cheap ones

Totally agree @ SensualFire. I think it's only too many if your house starts looking like a sex toy hoarders den... Mind you, you could probably start a business if it did... So long as they're not used ;)

But, yeah, we have lots. Just bought another 4 dildo's for her and I've purchased two fleshlights as I have never ever tried a proper fleshlight before :S. I've tried a tenga, once. It was ok, but not as good as the real thing.

About 14-18 if you count the sounds set as 1 but have thrown away about 10 in the past

We have a chest of draws full. Vibes, plugs, and bondage gear. Some get a lot of use, some not as much, its all about variation. There's always room for more, as there is still things we want to try.

I don't have many, but for me they weren't ever about pleasure. I've had a lifelong issue with a fear of sex, tied in to OCD i've had since i was little. For me, buying toys was to make sure i wouldn't wet myself (my biggest fear in the world) while engaging in sexual activity, and i'm pretty reassured now that i'll be ok, so they're sat in a drawer with very little use. My relationship of 3 years has been long distance and that should be changing soon. As soon as visits become possible they are all going in the bin, as the only actual pleasure i want sexually is real from the touch of the man i love, even if its only ever cuddles and kisses with nothing sexual.


It feels to me, you need intimacy/compassion, trust, and sincerity, rather than sexual fulfilment of the physical kind. urchasing toys, to transcend your fear is a positive step.

I do not with to pry, I do wish you all the best in your journey though, speaking from some one who has had similar experiences and has come out of the tunnel xxx

As for toys

I truly need to save up to get some quaility ones, best one I have at present is an Hitachi Wand

mysteriousmonkey wrote:

also you said you have the ballon pump, any good? ive got the pump up vibrating butt plug and just wondering what you think?

I have this balloon pump, in black:

I absolutely love it. It's so small when it's deflated that insertion with a little bit of lube is the easiest thing in the world. Then, I can pump it up to whatever size I want. I haven't pumped it to big sizes yet, but the reviews say that it can get pretty damn large if needed.

If I inflate a bit too much and it starts to feel uncomfortable, pressing on the valve deflates the toy immediately, so I feel comfortable being courageous with inflation sizes. Although I love anal play, I've always stuck to small plugs because I couldn't take anything bigger without pain, but since using this pump I can now comfortably use my medium butt plug.

It's honestly such a great toy, I can't praise it enough.

I haven't tried any vibrating inflatables, but I do have a vibrating plug ( ) and it's awesome too.

VirginAngel, thank you for sharing because I think it's so important to hear stories like yours. It helps dispel myths about sex toys only being for seedy nymphomaniacs and shows how they can help people just be happier and more confident.

I really enjoy toys for the pleasure they bring, but they also helped me to overcome a fear of the unknown when I first started using them.