How Many?

That’s a good question.

I’m not entirely sure but if I were to hazard a guess I think it might have something to do with semen and the actual ejaculation of fluid? It’s got all sorts of names, some amusing, some obscene. But I’ve always know it to be referred to as “cum”.

“I covered her face in cum”
“She likes to feel my cum inside her”

But you’re absolutely right, it’s an orgasm. For both.

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The ‘cum’ is the physical results of an orgasm. I always feel like when people say ‘cum’, they’re missing the orgasm and just skipping to the end. Thats my interpretation anyway.

What do you say as a penis owner when you orgasm, but don’t ejaculate? Saying ‘cum’ isn’t correct in that instance. Just thinking ‘out loud’.

I’m too much of a pedant.

Cum is an awful and crude word. I always use ‘orgasm’ or ‘come’ in my posts.

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I’ve never experienced, yet, an orgasm without ejaculation. But I would say if it happened that I hadn’t cum but had an orgasm.

I suppose each to their own and all that, for me personally to “cum” is to ejaculate at the point of orgasm or climax if you prefer.

It’s an interesting question and topic

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I don’t like the word spunk I think it’s horrible or baby gravy is also a horrible term.

Jizz is relatively humorous and light but for me cum is okay.

People are different

I haven’t fact-checked myself, but I think I’m more likely to use cum/came as a verb whether talking about me or my wife, but orgasm as a noun.


She knows when am cumming, she can tell obviously. I generally don’t say it. But sometimes I will say “I’m cumming” depending on where I am about cum on her body. To let her know to close her mouth as she doesn’t like the taste of it when I’m masturbating over her breasts, to say “I’m about to orgasm” feels odd for me and I wouldn’t do it.

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The Royals never come… They arrive :grin:

When we were both younger we still managed seven. Now, I think the most has been two.

It’s rare for me to cum twice now, It’s either because my first and main is so intense and I ejaculate so much or it’s my age.

I’m going with the former

Think I’ve only ever managed once or twice :sweat_smile:

I hate the word myself.

That makes sense to me in that scenario, bc of your intentions.

More than I can count. Once I get going, its multiple continuous orgasms until my muscles are too used up to continue.

This would be great!

I think that a man not ejaculating yet orgasming (without a mess) would be equivalent to a squirting female. Make sense?

I would love to have dry orgasms most of the time and then, when extremely aroused or when a special set of “secret moves” were administered, actual semen would come out. I can see this being a special “Woman Scout Badge of Honor”.

You could tout yourself as the most skilled woman in the world if you could make your man actual blow semen out of himself if you worked hard enough at it.


Maybe 5 back when I was younger. Probably 3 Max recently. My wife and I are going to a hotel soon so I’ll drink lots of water and see what target I can hit.

Sometimes when I’m horny or haven’t cumed for a while I think yes I’m going to cum now then I’ll be up for it again later on. But normally after I cum I think that will do me for a while.

The hotel trip will be different though to tick off some sex to do list.


Managed 14 times in a day with a girlfriend in my uni days! Think that would break me to even get halfway now!!!

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