How much did you spend?

Just had a quick review of my orders from last year, 25 of them and totted up the cost. Realised I've spent just short of £800 in 2018 on some amazing toys and lingerie for the wife and myself. The OH has her own account and probably can add £200 and 5 or 6 orders to the total. Just wondered how much others have used LH in 2018? Have to say, the best purchases for use have to be The trusty wand A baby doll that she wears at least once a week because of how sexy it makes her feel. Because swings are just for kids The freedom this gives you is amazing and don't need to worry about hitting the door. Dont forget the G spot. She swears bt this over any other g spot toy we've got. The power from the wand is intense and drives her wild. Not forgetting me.

You are not alone, here are some eye-watering figures from late 2018:

I didn’t buy any last year. In 2015 I spent approx £550 & in 2016 approx £40

I have to say, I spent less last year than I have in previous years, only around £400. I think that’s due partly to the Year of Orgasms subscription which meant I received a toy every month and partly due to the fact I own a hell of a lot of toys and so generally only buy toys that are a bit different or amazingly good.

I have started this year as I mean to go on though and my first purchase was a Doxy 3 so I’m making up for it a bit.

Only £80 last year. Got some great deals thanks to special offers. Looking back... I am spending more each year

£166 which isn’t bad. Mostly spent on the brilliant email offers from Lovehoney

I don't feel so bad now, having read previous comments. I did a rough piece of addition, about £600 in 2018 for toys and lingerie for my lady, also stuff like lubes. That has given us endless hours of pleasure, still continuing. My lady has become much more body confident and loves surprising me by dressing in a glorious selection of basques, body stockings and babydolls. She also agrees her libido has massively increased!

Not as much as I should...I've already no doubt spend more this year than last. Last year was super busy for us x

Not as much as previous years. I'd rather not know the amount, I'd only end up dwelling on it 🤔

We were very good it would appear. In the region of £300

I'm not even going to look at previous years xx

Just over £460 this year, not as much as previous years.

Across all kinky sites it's probably in excess of £1500 in 2018 and I wouldn't say that was unusual. Unfortunately I've run out of cheaper things to get and go for a few high quality, expensive toys/items. If ordering from the US it's going to be at least £400 once import duty and fees have been added.

Last year it was just over £200 I believe that was using discounts also. And I had been brought stuff from oh from other sites.