How much is an orgasm worth?

I was looking at Durex Play O gel in Boots the other day and realised that it cost £14.99 and said that it was enough for 30 doses - essentially they are charging 50p per orgasm or per enhanced orgasm.

That got me thinking, I'm sure, like perfume, the costs of the actual stuff are quite low and a lot of it is marketing and percieved value. Which leads me on to the subject of the thread:

If someone invented the orgasmatron, how much would you (alone or with partner) pay for a guaranteed orgasm? I think 50p is a no-brainer but I'm not sure where the upper limit is. Obviously it depends on how easily you can do it without assistance and whether the service offered would be an improvement.

On a similar line, a vibrator could be expected to give, what, hundreds? thousands? of orgasms before it wears out so the cost per orgasm would be quite low?

What do you think - what's your limit? How much do you pay for a decent sex toy? What's too much?

i find it really easy to orgasm...and i dont find orgasm gels or creams really assist that personally, they more just enhance the feelings of touch.

so i wouldn't pay 50p a go on some kind of orgasm machine.

i get way more use out of my vibes!! even the expensive ones would average out for me at less than that.

Would your orgasmatron be like walk in and within seconds you magically get the most mindblowing orgasm you have ever felt? Like for a male it would be a instant orgasm in the strength of a perfect prostate massaged orgasm? And for a female it would be the most intense orgams they have ever felt. Leaving both male and female wondering wtf happened for the next 30 minutes?

Really need to know time and orgasm strength to be able to say what I would pay hehe.

Surprising this government hasnt found a way to make orgasms taxable

jeffngloria wrote:

Surprising this government hasnt found a way to make orgasms taxable

Don't give them ideas! =( They already take enough from me haha.

jeffngloria wrote:

Surprising this government hasnt found a way to make orgasms taxable

They will. They will probably have to hack lovehoneys customer database to enforce it.

Ha it would depend on the orgasm. My husband can make me cum a lot harder than I have ever been able to achieve on my own. I would pay a lot more for that level of intensity than I would for the quick off the cuff ones I give myself.

I wouldn't pay it for the gel because I personally find the gels useless. My partner makes me cum so quickly that I don't need to spend the money. But if I hadn't had one for a long time and was desperate for one I would still be too cheap to pay for one! God gave me fingers for a reason

Strictly on topic, I can't see it being that required seeing as how we generally have the capability to orgasm without help, though I'm sure it would have to be tried once out of curiosity!

Saying that, if you consider it more as an aid we do pay quite a bit of money for things that help us orgasm or have different sensations, such as sex toys. I suppose you could even go as far as suggesting paying for sex which I gather can be rather expensive for very little experience! (personally have never paid for sex but I've heard some awful stories from disappointed friends in Amsterdam or more locally!).

It is shocking though how much condoms can cost if you have to get them from the shops. Beena while since I've had to buy some but a quick google shows £8 for 10! So 80p per shag. And if you're on a session that could go in a night or two! I know you can get them free from some clinics but if you can't or don't then I can see a reason some blokes might not get them....

...which on my wandering minds path brings up, female friends seem to get condoms pretty much thrown at them if they go to the doctors or to pick up their pill etc but (while I'm sure there is somewhere) I can't think of anywhere where I could go to get some free or cheap! Maybe it's time for a non profit brand to hit the market that's avaialable on the high street. It's got to be no more expensive that all the attempts to reduce unwanted pregnancies that are already in place.

It just tickled me to think of office people sat round a meeting room discussing how much an orgasm is worth! What the replies to this thread have highlighted is, (and excuse the corporate speak) that it's all about adding value.

If you can just use fingers or hand or partner and have a perfectly good sex life then there's no point to pay for it! It is after all, one of life's great free pleasures.

On the other hand, if something doesn't work, or if you want a better orgasm (and how would you define that) or to get there better or quicker then there is a market. And, obviously if you want to do it safely, again there is a price attached to that.

I get enough junk mail so there's no way I'm going to google it but the same logic applies to little blue pills. They have a price-per-session attached to them, but I don't know what that is. And again, if it all works, I think most people wouldn't even consider buying them.

But, with condoms and gels, it looks like under £1 a go is the right rate. And I suppose if you bought a vibrator at (plucks figure out of the air) £30 then you'd expect it to go for at least 300 orgasms? Even if it burnt out after 100 you'd only be paying 30p each, plus batteries!

I'm surprised that it's quite low, but there again, for most people it's free and natural.

Food for thought!

Four Viagra tablets cost between £25 and £50. Pfizer make an absolute fortune from Viagra, so I'd say that an orgasm is worth quite a bit to some people.

I don't think of gels and etc. as aids to orgasm. For me they are a part of the kind of fun I want to have, orgasms sort themselves out.

If this orgasmatron was massively available I can imagine a lot of people blowing their paycheck on it weekly, why not stay in on saturday night and have hours of mind blowing orgasm. You might have some kind of crazy hangover the next day, it would be worth it though eh?


I am one of those who will say that the gels can enhance the chance to orgasm. I sometimes used to struggle. I got really close but I could not get over the edge. I am personally using the Pin Ups Bombshell balm, which lasts ages.

And I do not know how much my toys are worth, maybe its better that way :-D

Calling a orgasm free, is that not like saying it is worthless, expected?

Some practice orgasm denial in order to really really want that orgasm and to make it so much better, those would probably after months of edging pay whatever you ask for a orgasm.

I guess the orgasm price follows the old Supply and Demand as any other product. If the supply is high with low demand the price goes down. If the demand is high and the supply low the price increases.

Orgasms are however great for your health. Getting a orgasm activates the whole brain and it pumps tons of new blood into the brain making it the best way to keep your brain healthy. So a orgasmatron could be nice as a medical device as well.