How sturdy are LH boxes for heavy metal toys/items?

Hi. So I’m planning on buying the doxy die cast wand and the nioy wand (both linked below for context). I’ve heard they are both quite large and heavy and I was wondering if the LH delivery boxes could withstand the weight? I still live with family and I don’t want the mail man coming red faced to the door and handing a see through bag with the toys clearly inside and text on the bag saying: “we are sorry…blah blah blah…” And then my mum coming up to my room with a face of anger and/or disappointment as she is the one that normally gets to the door first since I’m always in my room upstairs and she’s always in the same room as the front door. If you have ordered quite hefty/heavy toys from LH before what is your experience and tips?

Njoy wand:

Doxy die cast:

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I once ordered two steel dildos in one order, and the box arrived fine. :+1: (the postman did remark on the weight though :slightly_smiling_face:)

@Ian_Chimp yeah I was a bit worried that the mail man would be angry with the weight and my mum would be like “wtf did you order?!” :sweat_smile::sob:

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They won’t be angry. :slightly_smiling_face: But if your mum takes the parcel she may comment on the heft of it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you need to order them together, or can you get them seperately?

Tell them you bought some free weights for exercising with :wink:

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@Ian_Chimp I could order them separately but I’m super busy this month and noone will be in the house so I kinda will have to get them together as I’m only free one one or two days this month :frowning:

@Green_Eyed_Girl great idea :+1::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hahaha that would be a open ground swallowing moment!
The boxes are very durable and safe so I think you’ve nothing to worry about.
Also I bet your mum would either pretend she don’t know you have toys to avoid the awkward embarrassment or she’d be ok and happy to see her daughter is having fun, defo no disappointment though :relieved:

The boxes are plain and very sturdy, wrapped with strong tape and plenty of paper padding on the inside. I have the njoy wand from Lovehoney, arrived no problem.

I also have a torso which weighed in at 11 kg, I rushed out to help the post lady, not because of the contents but because I didn’t want her to hurt herself

And if she wants to borrow them to exercise with… I’ll need to hear what you come up with :smiley::sweat_smile: