How to be a good sexual partner...?

Hi Guys.
Looking for some tips and advice from both guys n girls.
So I'm seeing a guy... let's just say a FWB. Who is very experienced, and adventurous in bed.
I'm worried I'm not good enough and he will walk away.
I always give oral and manage to bring him to near orgasm so I must be doing that okay. But I worry that I'm boring during actual sex. So guys.... what do girls do that really pleases you??
And girls.... and tips on how to keep this guy satisfied??
Oh. I bought some sexy lingerie (chemise, suspenders, stockings, body stocking and such) which he certainly seems to like.
I'm not confident enough to do dress up/roll play stuff yet.

Talking is good?, this coming from somebody who's very shy about talking, you to him, " if I was blind folded and you could do whatever you wanted to me , what would you do?" Whilst the question is easy it's not easy to answer possibly for him unless he's very confident you'll do what he wishes?

Honestly I think the best way to be good in bed is to be enthusiastic, communicate if something isn’t working and praise the things that feel good whether that’s verbal praise like moaning or dirty talk or physical praise by wrapping your legs around your partner and pulling them closer.

Other than that I would just say introduce new positions, techniques, toys, lingerie etc every so often to keep things fresh. Variety is the spice of life after all! Don’t be afraid to keep the things that work but perhaps experiment with the order of things so your partner doesn’t learn to expect what’s coming next. Keep him on his toes.

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Hi Katie79, I understand that you wish to try different positions and make yourself more appealing to the FWB. But I would also advise you not to try something you are not comfortable with. Sex must be an enjoyable experience for both partners, you shouldn’t try something for the FWB unless it is something you want to do.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your comments and advice.
I've been browsing online etc and have devised this little scenario... see what you all think and guys would it 'do it' for you.
Note there's no sexual act here that I've not done before, as you say DB I will only do what I'm comfortable with, but hope that this wee game will turn him on and still be well within my comfort zone. Here goes....
So I will ask him to attend my house, wearing clothes that can be removed without pulling over the head. On arrival he will find a little bag containing a blindfold hanging on my door, with a note telling him to put it on and knock. I will answer the door, wearing my new LH body stocking (not that he will see that st this point) not speaking at all other than bare minimum instructions. Lead him to my bedroom (scene set with candles, music etc), slowly undress him, get him to sit on the bed then lay down on his front. I will sit astride his bum and give him a sensual massage with oils, adding in some naughty touches here and there! Then ask him to turn over onto his back I will do the same massaging etc.
Once that's done I will tie his hands together so he can't touch me. Then hopefully bring him to near orgasm with oral, but stop before he cums. Then taking the advice from above a will sit on him cowgirl position.
Unsure if at this stage I should reach round and untie his hands and tell him to remove the blindfold so he can see/touch me from that point onwards.
Sorry it's a long post lol!!
Does that sound okay???

Just the bodystocking was enough for me.

Lol Onlyones,
I'm hoping that it will have the same effect on him!!!
But if the rest was great that'd be awesome!!

Sounds good to me

Hi Kate79 as the others have said you do what you feel comfortable with. Don’t be pressured into something you’re not happy in doing just because fib wants it do things at your place and as scoops said there’s nothing more sensual that a woman who knows what she wants.

As long as your enjoying it. I'm sure he is too. My hubby gets off knowing what ever we are doing to each other as long as I'm enjoying it and making the right moans ECT his sure to get off on it.

Talking is definitely a must talking about likes and dislikes
Or even doing a sex survey online too tells you there likes and dislikes.

Just enjoy it xx

You had me at " Hi guys"

Well thanks for the comments guys n girls. Seems my FWB doesn't want to be my friend anymore :-(
Before I got to try out my little night of fun. I worry it's because I wasn't a good enough sexual partner :-(
Cold quite weekend ahead it is then!

Sorry to read this Katie79. However you have nothing to worry about. From reading your posts you have not lossed the FWB because of your inexperience. Your scenario you posted would please anyone. Keep your head up.

Katie79 wrote:

Well thanks for the comments guys n girls. Seems my FWB doesn't want to be my friend anymore :-(
Before I got to try out my little night of fun. I worry it's because I wasn't a good enough sexual partner :-(
Cold quite weekend ahead it is then!

Have only just seen this,all i can say is, his loss.Someone more appreciative of you and your efforts is just waiting to be discovered.Bet you still look good in the bodystocking though.

I am very late to this party but thought I would put my thoughts in the mix.

Your potential scenario just shows that you are NOT inexperienced. You have created an evening of pure pleasure. I can tell you very confidently that my husband would have gone crazy of I did that (in the best possible way 😉)

If he has decided he doesn't want to see you anymore and hasnt taken the time to give you a reason then ypure better off without him. Now you can find someone who deserves the hot passionate night you've planned. Most definitely his loss.

Awww thank you guys.
I'm disappointed to say the least, I feel that I just verge on the side of shy, and it can take a wee while for my naughty side to come out. Sometimes I think this is a problem for me. But onwards and upwards. I will keep the planned night in reserve for another more deserving partner x

Hi again folks.
Further update- things are back on, so I will hopefully be trying out my sexy romantic evening as planned lol!
I will let you know how it goes!
Thanks again guys :-)

Hope it goes well for you but don't let him mess you about.

Communication is the most important thing to be a “good” lover, just remember that your pleasure is just as important as his. It doesn’t matter what someone has done in the past as feelings and emotions can do a lot more than a silly one nighter three years ago.

Your plan sounds excellent and shows your far from “boring” or “inexperienced” and the fact your actually putting in effort to please your partner is absolutely killer. Your doing an amazing job, just make sure you don’t forget your own fantasies and pleasures.