How to convince the wife??

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Any advice on how to let me slip into some sexy lingerie for some bedroom fun with her, I so want to tell her I want to do this but dont know how??

I have no idea what's going on in this thread! Or whether it's just my phone. It looks like a lot of gibberish to me

You could try a porn video and ask for her comments or say you read in a paper/online that more men were dressing in ladies clothes what does she think to wearing lingerie/ stockings/how far you want to take it but I would suggest small steps maybe knickers first.

I think the obvious thing really is just talk to her. Help her realise what a big fantasy it is...

Put all the lingerie in a box and wrap it up, with a letter stating what you would like her to do etc, she'll love the instruction, put some sex toys in to, a CD of the music you like to have. Sex to, but just be yourself, also be brave and confident, that's the biggest turn on, some one who knows what they want and has the balls to do their best to achieve it.

Good luck.

Either talk to her out right out surprise her for the fun of it.
Good luck.

From a wife's point of view:

I think you need to speak first. Do not just dress up and lay on the bed waiting for her.

Personally, If I walked in on my man all decked out in LH's finest lingerie, it would be the biggest shock of my life. Having said that, there is no way he'd find a bra to fit his big pecs.

Everyone is different. If you have a good marriage things can be worked out to accomodate each others needs. That's what a good marriage is about - give and take. Everyone has to change for their partner and entering a marriage thinking you don't is foolish.

Talk first. I'm sure she will help you choose some pretty frillies in the correct size in no time.

Good luck!

If life has taught me anything it is this: listen to women about women

I totally agree with MrsDevine, these things need to be spoken about before hand. Just be straight with her, tell her it's something you're intrigued about and ask her if she would mind if you tried it out. Have a good chat with her and ask her if she has any concerns. The main thing you need to do is listen. If she gets funny about it, just drop the subject and let her have time to come to terms with it. I know if it was my husband, I would be shocked and wouldn't take the news too well, but if I knew it was something that would make him happy then I would go to the effort to at least try it out.

Good luck :)

I'm on team talk about it first. Give her some time to think about it and talk about what you are thinking and why communication is important here

Just set down with her an say baby if i ask u a question u wouldnt love at she gonna say no.then u tell her.

Talk to her at the end of the day if you want her to accept it you have to talk to her overcome things together

My wife had stated that she thought I would look good in stockings, so one night I surprised her by walking in dressed in stockings, suspenders and panties. Her reaction was great , shock, disbelief followed by great sex.

She didn't know that I've had this fetish and now I get to play dress up, I have a reasonable collection of stockings, panties and short skirts, I love it but only for sex and bedroom fun.

It depends how your relationship is. I'm recently going through this stuff with my girlfriend.

Do you sext a lot or talk about sex openly? are you quite kinky? I arrived at my gf's house and she pushed her g-string into my hand (that'd she's slipped off). I went and put it on. Similarly another time I was at hers and she was out. We were sexting a little so I took a pic wearing her panties. I later said that I wanted to try stockings and it's all gone from there.

Be open and honest

Just be honest and open with her!

She may need time to mull it over, but through communication anything is possible and who knows this may bring you closer together.

Remember to have fun and not stress to0 much

Sum Sub wrote:

I think the obvious thing really is just talk to her. Help her realise what a big fantasy it is...

I agree Subby, but we now you don't Allways get what you ask for

I told Mrs. P about my lingerie fetish when we met, but it still took a long time to get her to embrace it. It's usually no problem now, and sometimes I even get a 'nice bra' comment or somerthing like that. Occasionally I have to take it all off for her, but that's pretty rare now (and fun, anyway).

I think many women are torn between liking it (or at least not disliking it) and worrying that it would seem odd for other people to know about it.

Definitely don't spring it on her. Too much too soon.