How to find a new lover?

Hey everone

Since I need to find a new lover I am looking for some advice. I have tried to look on the internet but it's very rare that I find anyone interesting and mostly run into (very) old, creepy men.

What I am looking for is a guy who has the same sexual appetite like me and someone I can trust without being paranora when letting him into my apartment.

So where is the best place to find a lover?

So if anyone has experenced anything related to the theme then please tell me. Any kind of advice is welcome.

Are you looking for a longterm partner or a sexual partner, someone with similar kinks?

Little more information might help people know what you're asking for.

All things are possible, as PT said - give us some more info and I am sure someone can help.

try locals looking for fun it might help you out

Well I am looking for a sexual partner. Someone I can text when my sudden needs are getting too strong.

And I have tried locals but either way they were in a relationship or then they wanted a longterm relationship, which I am not ready for yet.

mookie864 wrote:

Try out your local scene FIRST! If that fails take it to the internet match . com is really good.

mm is a bit sneaky tbh, they are pretty expensive and they use dirty tacticts to get you to sign up such as sending you fake emails in the hope that you'll sign up to read the e-mails.

Try PoF..there's a lot of rubbish on there but at least it's free so worth trying out. And OKCupid is alright too

id say hit the town, ur a student no? thats were i have met all my previous partners from just going out and having fun then getting there number so it can progress or if u can tell they dont have the same tastes sexually then u dont need to message them, easy way to find out is dirty texts and see how far they go.

however i would say the above isnt for everyone just works for me

If its just for NSA fun, then I'm sure some of the forum members would only be to obliging ! Especially the single ones and probably some of the attached ones come to that

Hehe I would if I could but sadly not many from this forum lives in DK so that's sadly a no go

Okay, does there exist some other websites that are good and are free?

POF ( incase you don't know it) is good and free, met some great people on there before. But like any dating site, you get your usual mix of idiots and people who are genuine.

You'll probably find someone on there who meets your needs.

Might sound silly, but do you work? Not suggesting it is right for you but work colleagues spend more time with each other than they do anyone else (if full time) and most work places have their usual goings on......depends if you can handle becomming the office gossip if anything leaked out?

Or if you don't want to go down that route, do any colleagues / friends have friends in a similar situation that could provide you and said friend of friend mutual benefit.

Finally don't use it personally but quite a few people on here talk about Fetlife.

There are a few threads from people in your situation, have you tried searching the LH forums?

Thank you so much for that huge repley. Well no, you see it's a bit hard to contact someone from the LH forums since I don't live in UK. So even that I would like to try, it seems impossile with that kind of distance.

You're welcome, we are a friedly bunch on here, if somewhat downright dirty and horny some of the time....

I don't mean contact someone from the LH forums, I mean use the search function to search for other threads where people have discussed the situation you find yourself in.

And by the way, not everyone on here lives in the UK.

I did that too but I didn't find anything I could use, but maybe you have something that could be relevant to me?