how to get noticed :/

going through a rough patch at the mo and wanted to ask the men and women advice after 19 years weve done nothing but argue lately but i am trying to get a bit of attention ive tryed alot of things like sleeping naked (i dont tend to do) leaving the bathroom door iopen when showering bending over in skirts ect just little things going on about my daily chores how can i get noticed it seems every small sexual jesture is getting egnored and im getting frustrated

Sometimes after a long relationship things can be taken for granted and sometimes people aren't appreciated enough because they're always there.

Maybe have a talk with your partner and tell them that you're feeling a bit neglected and a bit down about yourself and you're wanting a pick-me-up. Unfortunately, people aren't mind readers and it took me a long time before I realised if I want compliments and affection I need to tell Mr what I need. Sometimes in busy lives we forget to stop and smell the roses, and this is just one of the cases. I'm sure a little helpful reminder will work wonders :)

Good luck!

we have done that 2 weeks ago it just like hes lost complete intrest theres me today sending pics ect and all im getting is nice im folowing pics what what im going to do ect ect but im getting nothing back i am rying every thing really apreshiate your advice not been on this forum since i last brought sex toys just ordered some more see if that does anything :/

nothing seems to be working :/ no matter how romantic passionate i am

I'm really not too sure what else I can suggest apart from talking with him again. Ask him why he doesn't pay you the compliments and give you the attention you need. But from the sounds of it, you're really having to fight for it and it really shouldn't be the case.

when i do try theres a little something but then fizzles out as i seem to be the one making the effort i start ect then i kind of leave alone to see what he wants to do and nothing :/ its never been like this i know we have been argueing but not recently im just so frustrated i just want to be noticed ive sent 17 pics today and all im getting is cool nicethank you as well as when i send a pic i get alot of dirty talk and pics back i just dont get it i havent put on weight or anything perhaps hes just not attracted to me like he use to be

He may have lost his mojo. You can send all the pics you want but if his mojo has gone his head won't allow him to get excited. Stress, money worries, work issues. Try find out if something is really bothering him. He may be keeping something from you. Worse still, having an affair. Prob not what you want to hear but possible.

i know money issues are a problem def not a affair i know hes unhappy but i am trying to make things happy were happy 99% of the time were happiest most when we have sex i know he thinks im having a affair but i am not so that could be the problem i just want to be noticed and loved :(

I know you'll probably be frustrated im saying this, but i can only echo what others have said and thats talk and then talk some more. Let him know how its making to feel and maybe if you cant do it face to face send him an email or write a letter?

Other than letting him know all i can say is that i do know how you feel and what your going through. Me and my hubby have gone through the same recently after he got made redundant, so yes money issues would add to the stress and most probably effect his libido as it did with us, so just be understanding but let him know how its making you feel too.

It will get better though but only through talking did we get things back on track :).

thanks all i will try talking aain to him see what happens i just wanna be noticed and loved our sex life is awsome and regular his libido was all over the sheets this morning :s so i know its there perhaps its me

cheers hun but i have tryed ive done everything to please shut fb got rid of phone ect closed twitter to reasure him but i dont think theres anything i can do more i touch cuddle kiss be suggestive try and talk ect its getting me no where i just pray that things sort its self out

If it`s not a rude question,how old are you? Age,illness,worries etc may indeed have affected his mojo,but sex costs nothing except a bit of time,so you both need to have an honest chat about your problem,you seem to be doing everything in your power,so he should be responding positively.I hope you can sort it out.

If it`s not a rude question,how old are you? Age,illness,worries etc may indeed have affected his mojo,but sex costs nothing except a bit of time,so you both need to have an honest chat about your problem,you seem to be doing everything in your power,so he should be responding positively.I hope you can sort it out.

im 35 hes 33 he normally responds positively but not this time i told him i had placed a online adult order his response was just cool where normally he would have got exited :(

Try writing him a letter detailing how you're feeling

Unfortunately I highly doubt that anyone on this forum knows your partner, so whatever he says, we don't know what's going on with him. Only you can find that out. You need to sit down and go through all of the points that you're bringing up with us, and ask him why he's responding this way. No one here has any answers that will solve your problem unfortunately. All you can do is communicate with him.

Hi Cheryl, sorry to hear this. Sometimes we men don't get subtle. Well done you for trying, keep it up. Communication is the key agree with all that MRSmcx has posted. I would have a look at some threads about sex drives and miss matching. Use the search bar at the top of the page.

Stress can have a huge influence on sex drive. Does he have a stressful job? I have one and my OH has taught me there is nothing better for distressing than an hour or so of time with her naked.

Don't get despondent it's not you it's him. You just need to find out what's distracting him. Plan an evening tell him to book it off you want 100% of his time. Cook his favourite meal run him a bath wash him . Then dry him, give him a massage and then take him. When he's thanking you . Tell him next it's his turn to pamper you.

If all else fails write him a letter. Good luck![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

The thing that's ringing alarm bells for me is you say you have got rid of your phone and no longer use FB or twitter, you shouldn't have to do this, it is not normal.

You say he thinks you're having an affair but you're not. This is what needs to be sorted out. Why does he think that?

I hope you can talk to him properly as that is the only way you will sort things out.

Good luck.

33 is relatively young to be losing your mojo,it could be stress,but it seems he`s going out of his way to get stressed by being suspicious.You should not have to come off Facebook or Twitter etc,that`s very controlling.Shannon has a good idea,write him a detailed letter and ask him to reply to it,he may find it easier to put words to paper than speak face to face.

Why not leave this post open for him to read,sometimes simple is best,hope you can get it sorted x