How to get OH to think about introducing toys, etc. to sex


OH and I have a very infrequent sex life but Xmas and me going out to buy her some very sheer bra, panties and suspenders has re kicked my libido into life and I find myself wanting sex a lot with her rather than taking relief in masturbation.

Part of this is that I really want to get her looking at LH at toys for her and me. I'm also interested in exploring a bit of light tying up for the both of us but we only ever seem to talk dirty or fantasy when we are having sex never on a day-to-day basis (we just seem to get ... Embarrassed and move on). Even when it is mentioned (breathlessly) during sex, it is often forgotten afterwards and not acted on.

also, how do I introduce LH without her thinking I've been perving when really it's for the by both of us?

Any pointers gratefully received


Sit her down and have a conversation about what you want and ask if there's anything she's willing to experiment with. Or you could write a list and get her to do the same and then swap and compare?
Try to get her to look at the website herself and read some reviews (:

Remember! Don't push her into anything she doesn't want or is not ready for

Good luck!

Easy - LH are running ads on TV now - say you've seen them and took a look online to see what all the excitement is about.

This is not a pervy place. The LH products and community is very couples orientated.

Maybe get her into erotic fiction - I'm not talking porn here. Sylvia Day writes some quality novels with steamy, but not seedy sex. It always does it for me. I recommend the Crossfire novels - Hot stuff with a story.

Hopefully she'll be filling a toy box very soon. Believe me it's very addictive once you start.

Good luck!