How to orgasm

any one got any hints please,i cum every where (female ejaculation) but i cant get an orgasm

Having an orgasm--especially through penetration--takes a really strange combination of focus and inattention. You have to be focused on the moment (as in, not thinking about the shopping you need to do, the conversation you had earlier...), but also not focusing on whether or not you're going to come.

The first time I came through penetration it happened because I had a quiet lover and I was determined to make him make noise. :) I was on top, focused on a steady rhythm, focused on thing I know, bam.

The trick is to just focus on whats happening down there and just enjoyit for what it is.. get into a good rhythm and it will happen..

The first time I had a very powerful "O" was when my hubby tied me down and totally tormented me... he would enter me slowly and then take it completely out and slowly rub my clitorus, then enter me again going in and out slowly for a few mins then come out again.. this drove me crazy so crazy the time after he entered me I was a quivering wreck on the bed legs like jelly :P
Also its good if you ride him while he is sat up, this is best done on a sofa, and let him finger you at the same time as he is in there... this also gets me every time! hope some of this helps, you must be pretty frustrated by now!

Here are some tips from Tracey Cox for using a sex toy - maybe if you try on your own to find out what you like and what works, and then try to guide your partner...

I have the same problem... I can be teased until im a complete wreck but then am unable to orgasm... its very difficult... :-(

thanks guys and @Laynie omg that would drive me crazy lol

I've never had a problem orgasming by myself, but I did have issues with letting other people make me. That was until the boyfriend picked up my favourite clit toy and used it on me. I think LH have stopped selling it again (fuck knows why, it's bloody excellent), but I think if you ask them nicely they might get it for you. Tracey Cox has a really nice gel that can help you orgasm, too --


I think a lot of it is about relaxing and letting go with your partner. Have a glass of wine, put on a pron flick or some music and take your time with each other, if it doesn't happen then it doesn't - the more pressure you place on yourself the harder it will become.

Hope you get there!