How to spice up in the bedroom?

Married with children and ways to spice up things in the bedroom?

Anal play you might be really surprised

Purchase one of the LH couples kits and explore each other's bodies (dressed in surprise new lingerie always helps) in detail using some of the toys and light bondage items included. Talk about your fantasies together and then start with the more simple one's discussed and work your way through until you are both more confident in front of each other and as a result see an increase in your sex drive as a couple.It takes time to get you both on the same wave length so try not too put too much pressure on each other as this can have the opposite effect.

Thanks so much for the advice I definitely think it's a learning curve and needs a gradual approach

Maybe a couples game? There are some fun ones on here that can lead to things that wouldn’t normally happen!

Oooh games thanks will give them a look

Talk to each other? Are you both bored? Explore each others' fantasies, even if they stay just that...hearing about what the other one likes/would like can be such a turn on...

I think both of us close up to what we want sexually at times - and something definitely to explore with fantasies


MrGoodGuy wrote:

Reality check Women aren't interested in sex, most of them anyway.

I think a lot of people can be a bit sexually repressed, and that's certainly not restricted to just women. Sadly I think your experience is quite common, and it's difficult to bring about change in a partner without coming across as pushy or controlling. Everyone has a different level of libido, as well as different values about sex and certain sex acts, so it can be very tough on both parties when there's a mis-match. I think if this is something that's bothering you you have to weigh up how important this is to you and your relationship and try and get some perspective, as things like this can really fester.

After reading so many posts on this subject I often wonder if people would be happier if more emphasise/awareness was placed on sex drive compatibility from the start, but as libido can change so dramatically throughout life it seems too difficult to predict. I think younger generations are increasingly more sexually aware so there are fewer hang ups and more open and honest conversations about these things. Hopefully this will eventually make for more sexual happiness for everyone. 🙂

I think Mr GoodGuy's experience is somewhat common. I know my husband was scared off relationships for that exact reason.Lots of sex early on, reducing to nothing after marriage.

I managed to convince him I wasn't like that, and that I love sex and wouldn't stop wanting it, but it is tough if you have a high sex drive like he did to work out the truth behind a prospective partner.

We have been together a long time and think with a combination of things like recent surgery has affected things. So we starting talking more getting things to spice things up dress up to toys and saying what we like and don't

Hi cb 1987 just talk about your fantasys to each other, what you want to do, dress up, toys, bondage etc then give it a try you may surprise each other, we did

Discuss your fantasies and then try to enact them together. If you have not got much of a list then watch porn together and add to your list. Sex in different parts of your home is a good starting point.

Get your phone camera out and video yourselves enjoying each other. 😀

There are loads of things you can do to spice things up. LH is a great place to start.

Well we have had some fun and experimenting adding some new toys and suggestions which has been great

Dressing up rollplay games looking up new sex positions and try some new ones out there so meany to try . Also both talk about each other like dislike and a maybe list thinks that’s you may want to try alway a good way to go xx

We have created a wishlist so we can see what the other is intrigued by and have purchased a couple items awaiting a delivery tomorrow hahahaha

MrGoodGuy wrote:

Wow - Firstly, I think when you say women, I think perhaps you mean some people in general...

As someone that works for a sex toy site, I can tell you that the vast majority of people within this team is women! Talking about sex and knowing about sex comes hand in hand with the industry.

Also from personal experience, having a vagina does not make me want to put less effort into anything. I take massive offensive to this and so have others, as it has been reported.

Please have a think before making such sweeping statements that are not only rude but quite unhelpful to the OP.

This forum is no place for such insulting posts! Please see rule no1

I didn't see this comment Leanne but thank you xxx