How to start

Have just been posting msgs about how to begin with bondage, but with that comes my other fantasy with my new gf..anal play. Have bought a beginners butt plug from looking for a bit of advice from you experts..

We've tried a little butt play, a lubed up finger, a sneaky lick around her ass, but I want to go a little further.

She's going to be staying at mine for the weekend and I've got some pretty decent stuff to go on with: with regards to tying her up..but I have other plans in store.

I want a little advice as to how to make butt play a bit more erotic than 'baby, brace yourself' :D

Whatcha think? Should I tease her first with my tongue/fingers or just gently ease in the lubed plug as I start to go down on her...

This all plays into my whole fantasy of being in control but I don't want to freak her out....

Anal more erotic, I think its important that your gf finds it a turn on to start with, because if she is not happy with the idea then she will never relax and learn to enjoy the experience so making it erotic starts in her head.
Given that she is up for it and finds it a turn on there are practical matters that all add to making an erotic experience like am I clean down there ... so consider an anal douche . Will it hurt ... start small and use plenty of good lube .
Stimulating her pussey and bum at the same time works well for most ladies, take it at slow at her pace if she gets a burning feeling then her anus is not relaxed so massage the area between her pussey and upto her anus .
Make it fun take it slow and enjoy, but anal is not easy at first and must be worked at good luck ,its worth the effort .

Hmm... well, I'm fairly new to anal too, and for me the best way to start is with fingers - from a safety point of view, you can feel better what's going on and be more responsive to whether she's enjoying it or not (although what's not to like?) if you're using your fingers rather than shoving a butt plug up there.

I think you should tease her with your tongue first (if you're ok with that!) to relax her a little, then one, then two lubed-up fingers, and keep on with that while licking her until she's relaxed enough for the plug. Then gently ease in the lubed plug in place of your fingers. If I was on the receiving end of first-time anal action, that's how I'd want it to go down!

As for making it more erotic... I'm not sure how to really. It's such a sensitive and tight little nook that really you need to be concentrating on making sure you're not hurting her. My ex (who introduced me to anal) did make it hot by repeatedly asking if I liked what he was doing in various filthy ways - but really, he was checking that it wasn't hurting. My personal preference (but this is just me) is when a guy tells me how filthy I am for liking his cock/fingers up my ass... I get a buzz from it, and if you're looking for a little power play, it ties in quite well - you're in control, she's the out-of-control, dirty slut kind of thing!

(sorry for the essay!)

Cheers guys, your advice is appreciated muchly! Defo going to take it slooooowwwww...she finds anal play a real turn on but so far I've only had the tip of a finger inside. The plug i've bought IS small but I dont want to rush things.

Shelly..what position did you prefer when you first started anal play? Want to be able to see her face, but then it might be more comfy for her if she was lying on her front....

Yeah, I've only ever done it lying on my front. The guy I was with at the time was quite experienced with it, so he was really good at positioning me...

I guess it depends what you'll actually be doing (clueless straight girl here, lol) but when he was fucking me, I'd be on my front with my ass slightly in the air, but not actually on my knees (Basically leaving enough space for him to reach my clit). He'd be behind on his knees, but leaning right the way over my back with his face pressed up against mine over my shoulder, so he could see my face and whisper in my ear - totally, totally hot.

So, as I was saying... depending on what you're actually doing to her, that may or may not be an option! If you're just going to be using fingers and a plugs, I would think that on her back is fine - I've had other guys slip fingers in there while licking me when I was on my back, and it's perfectly comfortable. If we're talking actually fucking her with a dildo or a strap-on, on her front is better.

But, like I say... I'm no expert! This is all just my relatively inexperienced opinion :)

Shellyboo...just wanna say - your advice went down a storm! :D :D :D

We both managed to take the wee plug, and I gotta say I have never had such a strong orgasm! Both holes filled and her tongue on my clit...OMG!

Just wanna try more and more stuff now - is ace!

Hi punky_lez!

Good for you, for expreimenting! I'm a huge anal fan. Like you I started small and took it easy. I soon found that the sensation of a bit more stretching added a great deal of pleasure, so since then I've developed a taste for taking progressively larger things in my ass. It also maintains the excitement - you'll find yourself looking at bigger things and fantasizing about having them inside you.

My tips for trying more with your girlfriend are these:

Try having a mutual session with both of you sliding stuff in yourselves. That way you can both go at your own pace and watch how the other likes to progress. Use your partners own preferred technique on her next time. My advice is to buy a good collection of butt plugs and anal toys (I can give you a list of faves if you want) a big pot of lube and have a great time experimenting together! Set asside a quiet night alone together, have an enema or douche each. Take a sexy twosome shower and whisper to her how much it turns you on the thought of watching her slide toys into her ass for you. And how much you want to do it for her. Get a big mirror set up so you can see all the action. My own hot favourite is being on all fours next to my partner, bums facing the mirror. We can kiss and whisper rude things to each other whilst we take an assortment of toys in our asses, doggy style! The added visual stimulation will soon have you both gagging for more and bigger things! And of course you can swap hands and pleasure each other if you want too.

Oh, last thing - if you have a camera with you to record the fun it's really hot! Just a quick reminder of the piccies will have you both diving for the toybox again.


Yay! Glad to be of assistance! Here's wishing you many more anal adventures to come (ahem, bad pun).