How to take breaks?

I've been writing almost non-stop for the past few days now, and It's Gettinbg To Me!

Yesterday I managed about 10,000 words, short descriptions, mini guides, but all about sex toys. Today I've finished about 2000 words, a guide, again about sex toys, but needed more research. I still have to edit it all. I think I have at least 20,000 words worth of new content for my new site. After proofreading, I know it could end-up being about 15000. I'm not looking forward to that.

I also have other things to write-up still, notes I made during the summer, articles I had planned, things I told people I was writing and probably should've posted by now. I also have a few reviews to write. But it's getting to me.

Ok I can write about other things, but I feel this needs to get finished. But I'm having trouble trying to take breaks, other than to eat or drink coffee. I've managed to keep-up running mostly, but even that's not relaxing enough. And no matter which room I go into I end-up writing in. Half my bed is basically a desk, I set-up an office in the spare room with a writing desk., my living room has a writing desk, my hallway is stacked with writing resources, and although the kitchen and bathroom don't have writing books or pens, these are places I wash and dry my sex toys (effectivly my writing material).

I think ideas on how to take a break and what to do. Cheap ideas... I have 94p till the middle of next week, which I plan on spending on a can of cheap red bull to fuel my writing. What do you guys do for breaks when writing?

I'm writing so much on the same subject, not only is it repeative, I'm concerned if any of it is actually any good.

I go and take photos, photoshop, put the tv on, clean, do some internet shopping, even do the gardening, provided it isnt raining. If you are arty you could get some craft type things such as beads which is not only productive but gves you time to collect your thoughts. You could try reading or drawing, pampering yourself (facial, manicure, pedicure) or playing games if you are that way inclined.

I must say sorry for the late reply.

I've been doing a few all nighters over the past weeks which has made my body go out of whack!

I have a similar form, which I'm scared of, and want to avoid but needs doing.

I've noticed that I can't relax at all in my home now, as every area is devoted to work. I'm hoping that next year I have a bit more cash for coffee in a cafe, and taek a book or similar with me =)

I'm hear to chat about things if you need me - email, skype, or just via forum chat =)