How to turn on my hubby-to-be

Hi all.

If I am wanting some fun, I just jump on hubby-to-be but I wanting to turn him on, without being obvious. I want to really get him in the mood before I jump on him!

Does anyone have any tips please?

Thank you 😊

This one is cruel but he will love you for it. Wait until he is watching a TV show he really likes but you don't. I then say I'm going for a shower. Once bathed I put on my LH little black dress with thong. By now his show is halfway through so I go into the lounge and start tidying up. It doesn't take long to distract him and the resulting sex is very enthusiastic. Most men given the choice between TV and the object of their desire (YOU) know what to choose. It's the way that they are wired. 👫

Thank you for your replies! Great idea's! I am a rubbish flirt but would love to tease him a bit before I go for it, a bit of a warm up. I can't wait to try these out!...xx

I usually message my husband when we are at work, something naughty, so he knows I am in a playful mood, then for next few hours we generally message on and off teasing each other with ideas and fantasies until we return from work and I am dressed up ready for him, sat on kitchen counter.