How to wash a menstrual cup bag?

Hi. So I have a menstrual cup but for the past few months, I have been using tampons and now I’m ready to move on to my menstrual cup again. I’ve noticed the bag I keep my cup in is quite dusty and it smells weird. Am I able to wash it? I don’t really want to put it in the washing machine as my family would be questioning me about it. My family is against menstrual cups because they think they are gross. I was thinking about hand washing it but will that ruin the bag? For reference, my cup is a salt soft menstrual cup and it’s the original bag that came with the cup. All advice and suggestions are welcomed.

Did it come with any washing instructions/care label? Do you know what material it is?

@Ian_Chimp I don’t really remember it has been a year since I actually got it. It’s like a cotton type material I think.

You should be okay handwashing it in warm water if it’s a fabric bag. Though if you flark it up you can always buy another. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ian_Chimp Yeah I can always try. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Bit odd that your family would judge in that way.

Washing machine really is your best bet. Can’t you do your own load or if someone else is doing it pop it inside your sock or pocket of a top/trousers that are being washed.

Hand wash would be fine aslong as you make sure you rinse all the detergent out adequately

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I use baby shampoo when I’m hand-washing Mrs Chimp’s delicates. Maybe a couple of washes in something more gentle might be better than using something stronger?

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Is there anything on the bag that suggests it is for a menstrual cup?
It could be a jewellery/make up/potpourri bag.
Otherwise, if you can’t risk putting it in the washing machine then a hand wash will be fine.
Maybe you could just use some shower gel with very hot water and make sure it’s well rinsed afterwards.