How would you judge a sex toy?

We thought long and hard (no tittering, please) about how to ask our Sex Toy Awards judges to review and rate the toys that we sent them.

If you had to invent a system for judging and rating sex toys, what would it be like?

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I like the set up LH has for reviews. A general room for ranting and raving then the five star approach depending on the catagory.

Except I'd like to see the ability to recommend an alternative, because it's fair enough to read a review which prevents you buying something crappy, but then you have to continue the trawl for the perfect toy all over again, whereas with a recommendation box it'd be easy to just check that toys out. (This is probably more site worthy than awards worthy though lol)

id do it on a bullet point system; ie

* how easy it was to use

*was it comfortable; warm/cold/intense etc

*was it aestheticly pleasing?

*is it fun? too many toys are perfunctory, and sometimes joyless. they need to be fun, in the same way a car can be fun to drive or a guitar fun to play.


each of those, maybe more, a five star rating, and bingo bango.

That's a really good idea on being able to suggest an alternative - we'll see if we can build that in to the LoveHoney reviews somehow.

We think we got most of doctorp's criteria - apart from "smell"!

Happily, none of the awards finalists were stinkers, but having a whiffy sex toy if enough to put anyone off their stroke.

One of the hard things was comparing the £100+ Fun Factory Delight to the £12.99 Supersex Bullet which is why we had a value for money rating, as well as an award for "Best Value"