This might sound strange but does anybody have any flesh left behind from when their hymen was broken? Is this normal?

Mine only broke when I had kids and as I've been stitched back together twice, I don't think I've got any left.

People can damage this area so easily, certain exercises can rip it open - and no, not just sexual.

It's a strange bit of tissue, which isn't explored as much as I think it should be.

There's so many studies about it.

History ones - where they think there's a chance women who did hard labour weren't virgins when they where. 'plowing action'.

pseudoscience one's claiming loads of different things - actually after checking all my gyno books, the one's whcih are deemed complemebtary. natural / alernative, offer the most text on the subject - how odd.

Often it breaks differnetly for different people. I'm pretty certain there are case studies where people have naturally regrown theirs, and studies of some having random nerves within their tissue, then offer who seem to have what some would call 'skin tags' in that area, just flesh that's a bit sticky-out.

But I do know that many people will have a bit of 'flesh' it thatyarea, so yes it's normal.

Wow, thanks for the in depth response.

I thought that went when a woman lost her virginity ? shows how much I know... LOL