i am new to sex toys

hi i am new to sex toys how can i get to like sex toys of my bf love sex toys

Try using them on your own so you can experiment and discover what you like and how you like it xx


Hi there, I agree with Gem to experiment on your own first to see what you like. Here is a link to Lovehoney's guide to choosing your first sex toy, which may be useful to you :) xx


Hello! I'd suggest thinking about what feels good to you and the kinds of sex you'd like to emulate with a toy. Then have a search through the site for toys that do that, read some reviews and watch some product videos and see what appeals to you. Then treat yourself and explore the toy in your alone time. If you hate it, LH has a fantastic returns policy, so there's nothing really to loose! Good luck and have fun :)

Try the 3 for £10 to start with. They are basic and not to "scary" dont go in deep straight away. Try a few and you will soon learn what you like and dislike. Everyones different.

Yep agree with all the above. Start off slow and learn to take your time and enjoy.

Only once you know what you like can you then get a feel for more intense toys.

Dont be in a rush, just enjoy. Perhaps a warm shower, light music, and away you go. The world is your oyster. I think a LH order will be on the cards any day soon for you and take it from all of us on here, man or woman, you'll destroy the box to open it and never look back.