I am unavailable

Hello. I just wanted to let you all know I am unavailable until further notice. Obviously the forum is being moderated, but emails will not be picked up. My suggestion is if you have an urgent matter then please contact Customer care, if not it will be delayed in being replied to or picked up. Thank you all for your understanding and I will be back as soon as I can be.

I hope you are OK.

Hope all is ok hurry we will miss you

I hope you're okay. x

We all hope you are ok x

Oh no, hope all is ok Leanne, and if it isnt we all hope for speedy recovery. Look after yourself.

Hey Leanne, hope everything is ok, best wishes x

Hope your ok Leanne x

Hope everything is ok.

Thanks for letting us know Leanne, hope all is well and you get back soon


Thanks for the heads up, Leanne. Hope you're okay!

I hope everything works out well Leanne. Don't rush back, just make sure your ok.

Hi Leanne, hope all is ok? You will be miss, take care. X

Hi Leanne,

I hope everythings ok, sending you a hug.xx

Hope everything is okay Leanne x

I'm sure everyone will behave for Jess whilst you're away. Hope everything is OK though Leanne xx

Thinking of you x

Hi Leanne, I hope you’re ok, best wishes x

Hi Leanne, hope all is ok.