I Can Hardly Wait

Tomorrow my LH order with a Extra Thick 9 Inch Solid Cock and Balls, Basix Realistic Suction Cup 8 Inch Dildo and Love Labs Advanced Twin Ridge Glass Butt Plug will arrive. Yes I like large insertions in my ass. I am so excited, and can hardly wait to try them, but, will have to because the OH (doesn't approve of toys, and dislikes anything to do with anal) will not be out of the house until the weekend 2 weeks away.

So all I will be able to do is unpack the, hold and touch them, and pack them out of sight.

I must try and resist the temptation to work on the 9 inch straight away, it probably won't slide in at that failure will put me off. 3 things I love about anal are, the way your ass gets opened up, the sliding in and out and the feeling of being filled up. If I could experience the gentle prod of a gloved finger with a dollop of cold lubricant pushing at and pushing IN my ass I would be in heaven.

Well, they arrived today! Had a sneeky look in the box on the way home, and the dildos don't look too big, so that's a relief. The glass butt plug feels really nice as well, can't wait (cept I have to) ;-( to try that out on my willing ass.

Thanks Lovehoney!!!

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