I Can't Believe I Let It Freak Me Out!


You are going to think this is really weird but I need to post it to people who know best.

I got my Fleshlight the other day and the plastic case was a bit scuffed and the inner sleeve's entry hole had white residue in it.

I didn't care and warmed it up in the bathtub and got down and dirty with it.

Anyway after chatting with my mate about it he kind of put the shits up me because he said he would never buy a sex toy over the internet or from any large factory because it might have been tampered with by one of the staff!

He then went on to tell me that people have caught Aids because of this and then left it at that.

I laughed at first and called him super paranoid but now it's playing on my mind a little like when you go to a restruant and someone says they saw the kid spit in your food, even though it could not be true you lose your appetite.

Am I being stupid for letting his story ruin my experience with my new Fleshlight which I love?

Sounds like he is on a mission to wind you up.
Why would people who make sex toys use them or tamper with them before sending them out? It makes no sense.
The guy was most likely jealous of your enthusiasm for your new-found Fleshlight friend and was disappointed in himself because he couldn't pluck up the courage to buy one for himself.
He's still stuck doing the five-knuckle shuffle when you're off busting your nuts in fine style!

The white powder is normal, there was some on my insert which came in a sealed bag. Flesh light even recomend powdering it after washing it (if you can be bothered):

--from FAQ on fleshlight site--
What is the best way to clean the Fleshlight?
Simply rinse your removeable Fleshlight sleeve with warm water from your sink and allow time for it to dry before storing. Do NOT use soap to clean your Real Feel Superskin sleeve. For tough cleaning, we suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol. To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the sleeve and shake off the excess powder. We do NOT recommend the use of talcum or baby powder. NOTE: Powdering an Ice Fleshlight masturbation sleeve with anything other than corn starch will cause it to cloud over and lose its clear quality.

When you come to think of it, I don't imagine the Chinese factory human resources people will have particularly stringent rules about employing people with AIDs or other STDs. And how can we know how many employees have had to touch the toys, even before they're put in their sealed packaging?

But the same applies to the cucumbers we buy in the supermarkets.
And the butternut squashes, and the aubergines, and the sweet potatoes....

Touche, HC. You're dead right, and I bow to you! But in a factory where the products are evidently intended for contact with (what shall we call them?) the naughty bits, there ought surely to be some special awareness of the danger of passing on an infection of one sort or another?

Except that they probably think there's no reliable trail back to the factory from the likes of Lovehoney, Ann Summers and such. Plus the difficulty of associating an infection with one particular toy. Plus the reluctance of any infected person to pursue a claim of this sort.

We're probably quite safe in using our toys, whether internet sourced or bought in fairly respectable high street (or back street) shops. Quite safe. But not 100% safe.

Oh, and there's another thing. I've noticed that many toys are sold with a proviso that they are intended "for novelty use only". IE, even though you bought it with the specific intention of inserting it in a body orifice, that was NOT what the manufacturers sold it for.
Yeah, yeah.
So any consequences, including infections and/or damage to your bodily parts, are your own fault because you misused a device plainly described as a 'novelty'.

I think you've got more cause for concern in regard to the materials that some cheapo sex toys are made from, especially from China. I'm talking about the softeners they use in some soft rubber and jelly toys, which makes them stink of chemicals. That's why I only buy from reputable places with actual stock and premises that I know and trust - like Lovehoney - rather than the zillions of clone one-guy-in-a-spare-bedroom "affiliate" or virtual adult suppliers that now polute the internet. Having said that, my Cock Locker inflatable dildos both arrived loose which was disconcerting. I trusted them, being from Lovehoney, but I'd still have felt happier with a sealed bag / box.

btw - scuff marks on plastic mouldings are common, and usually created when they're removed from the mould and the spare plastic (it's called a sprue) is trimmed off. They then get chucked in a big tub of previously produced parts so they are knocked about a bit. Hence the occasional scuff.

I think we're also missing a big point here, that is: Why would they want to? They're working with thousands of these things everyday so it's not like it's a novelty. They're likely to be working in one or two places: Somewhere where they have a floor boss scruinizing thier every move (so wouldn't get a chance), or somewhere where they get the occational freebie or discount. In which case why would they risk the knowing looks/jeers/high fives/sacking when the wander back to the production line with product X and a slightly flushed face when they could go home and (as OA chimp put it) "bust thier nuts in style"?

Sure your waiter may have spat in your burger, but that's because he thinks you're an objectional tw*t, not because he's not filled his food contamination quota for the week. I doubt it would be done to spite faceless entity at the other end of the internet.

This is something I've worried about a little too when I first got a toy which was loose, but having thought about it a bit more, and having recieved other toys which haven't been sealed I figure that either the manufacturers employees get VERY busy during their working day, or this is fairly standard.

Besides, most STI s are NOT able to be transmitted through contact with inanimate objects, as happycamper says. The reason being that the offending substance cant survive long outside the human body, hence the whole 'if you sit on a toilet seat you might get aids' being nonsense, just like you cant get pregnant from toilet seats....

If an infection was able to survive on the surface of an inanimate object for long periods of time and still cause infection it would be so contageous and indestructable that it would be almost impossible not to come into contact with it.

Thankfully thats not the case, but you should still clean your toys well before use. No comments from lovehoney on this issue?


Hard to know where to start with this one - Greebo is making some wild accusations which are totally unsubstantiated and, frankly, racist.
The Chinese factories that LoveHoney - and I don't doubt Ann Summers - buy from have high quality control and relevant certification to meet all kinds of recognised standards.
Apart from pure human decency dictating their behaviour, they are businesses that know that the best way to make profit is to provide quality, safe products and good service.
Why would they allow anything to happen that would jeopardise that?
If you ever buy a product that's delivered in a condition that you don't like, let us know about it and send it back - it's free!
@ Woodworker - quite right!

As mentioned the HIV virus is very fragile and does not survive outside the human body - in light of this, I'd be more worried about someone contaminating sex toys with itching powder!