i cant understand why guys dont want to go down on girls

its something i love to do personally, giving my partner of the time pleasure this way turns me on no end and the reaction you get after doing well makes the effort worth it, i love the smell, the taste, the way she contracts around the helping fingers when she cum

i just love everytihng about it tbh

one of my previous girlfriends loved it - she was a squirter i lobved being splashed in the face with lovely lady juice after giving it tongue for a while - its just so much fun

I cant understand any one who doesnt enjoy it!

I love it, before during and after sex!

Nexas wrote:

Some girls don't like men going down on them LOL

Thats true - One of my best friends doesn't like it, and she'll swat away any guy that goes down there! lol, infact she doesn't like anything on or near her clit, she finds it too painful!!

I have a friend who hates it too, she won't accept how much she's missing out on when I tell her....

On the other hand I love it, and can't imagine being with a guy who didn't like doing it, altho am sure they exist... Have just been chatting to a guy who offered to go down on me for the entire length of the F1 cos I told him I wasn't prepared to miss it to meet him, haha!

Nexas wrote:

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Nexas wrote:

Some girls don't like men going down on them LOL

Thats true - One of my best friends doesn't like it, and she'll swat away any guy that goes down there! lol, infact she doesn't like anything on or near her clit, she finds it too painful!!

I've encountered girls lately who I've chatted to who think it's disgusting LOL It's...odd!

I used to think it was disgusting, I couldn't imagine why anyone would want someone's genitals in their mouth. That was until I had it done to me ;)

love doing it, massive turn on for me, but like most peopel here, know people who don;t like it, bit odd but each to themselfs

I love it! My OH is fantastic at oral and he gave me my first ever orgasm (apart from me doing it myself) but i don't get it as much as i want

my ex used to suck on my clit.... hard >< it hurt and he was very cruel to me quite often so it made me feel vunerable the ( fery few, like 2) times he was down there.

its more than pleasurable if i am relaxed enough though.

OMG not had a girl yet not like it must be lucky... plus i love doing it ssomething really satifying about having a girl come from tongue pleasure hehe love it x

I can understand the potential for not liking it... I mean it's something that could be a bit unhygienic if the person isn't the cleanest. I guess some people just don't enjoy the giving though... Not something I can fully understand myself.

Ive always enjoyed eating out, i have to say before i met my wife althrough i enjoyed it i did find the smell abit strong with some girls.
somthing my wife was very quick to point out as being about clenliness, being from a hot country (brasil) she says if you dont take care down there and wash properly you do smell very bad very quickly.
i also find because she is smooth except a very small very short patch just above her clit (a bit like hitlers mostach) i enjoy it more, i dont like getting pubic hairs stuck in my teeth. but i do know men who dont like it because of the smell, my advice would be marry a brasilian girl they are wonderful.

*sigh* i wish i could enjoy it, but my OH refuses point blank to even try it. He says he just doesn't like to do it and never has so he won't even try it with me....selfish git, has it not occured to him i might enjoy it, plus i didn't enjoy giving head first time round, i now love it, he could come to love going down on me. I have given up bringing it up though, just causes arguements, i guess i will just never be able to experience what its like

well, he did it once for 3 seconds then said that he doesn't like doing it so he wouldn't continue......bloody depressing cos those three seconds were amazing!

Tie him down and sit on his face (or i could offer my services)

yea I cant understand men who dont like it I love it as long as everything clean :p yum yum I cant get enough of it I think its my favourite part of sex.

I love the taste the smell the way it feels on my tong Im getting turn on talking about it

My first GF didn't like it at all, thought it was gross or pervy. Mind you, the couple of times she let me do it it she didn't taste great (cleanliness) and it put me off a bit.

These days I can't get enough :D

I absolutely love recieving oral and my OH has told me that its one of his favourite things to do! yey! Have to say that i also love giving him oral, dont take if you wont give!

I do love it now with my OH, but my old partner went down on me and well ewwwwwww it just felt like I was being slobbered on by a dog or something. No pleasure at all!. In the end I was using all sorts of excuses and then he asked why, I told him it just didnt feel good, he got in a huff. I then tried to explain what I did like and he just wouldnt have it. Thought he was gods gift to women. He was quickly chucked!

Just wanted to give thanks for this thread - randomly lurking on the LH forums yesterday as I do sometimes, reading this put me right in the mood for tasting Ms SWW's nether-regions, which I hadn't done for a while.... to cut a long story short, I must've been extra enthusiastic as I managed to make her come through oral stimulation alone for the first time (usually it's just a prelude for other things)... sufficed to say, she was very satisfied, and I was mighty pleased with myself... good stuff!

My two cents on the thread in general - I agree with some of the earlier posters - I just don't get why some guy's won't go for this - I bet they're more than happy to have their girls sucking on their bits, if nothing else it's good to return the favor - but more then that, watching/hearing the reaction when you're hitting the right spot is a total thrill. I guess each to their own, but I reckon if a girl wants their guy to go down and he won't she should just refuse BJs until he has a change of heart - I'm sure that'd do the trick!

As for me, what can I say - I love the taste of pussy, so we're all good!

I used to not like the idea and i wouldn't let my first ex give me oral. I think that was a paranoia though as when you're younger you hear horror stories about the smell etc. Then i was with a girl who made me feel really comfortable and i finally agreed and OH MY GOD! It was amazing! I love giving and recieving in equal amounts. Licking my lady down there turns me on so so so much! Just to let you know i never had any smell complaints so i wasted so much time! Ive never been with a girl who has such a lack of hygiene that it put me off! Its just amazing! x MC x