I don't love honey

I'm more of a lemon curd type of person

Sum Sub wrote:

I'm more of a lemon curd type of person

Lol ! Marmalade for me ;)

marmite ! yeh i know its a marmite thing ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

I actually do love honey, it's so tasty! Especially in porridge or on toast! 😋

Mmm lemon curd c:
Only ever have it at Christmas ):

My grandma makes the best lemon curd! Mmmmmmm

Only ever have honey when its in homemade lemon and honey hot drink for getting rid of bad cold/flu, much prefer peanut butter/nutella/butter/strawberry jam without bits in :P

This is despite the fact I'm a grown up and I could buy it whenever I wanted. Or make it.
Now I want lemon miringue pie D:

I don't love honey either, the texture is bleuugh and the taste is worse! I like a good hot buttered toast or chocolate spread, mmmm :)

Lemon curd on toast! :-)

I like golden syrup. .. especially on pancakes.

I'm so making pancakes with my daughter tomorrow. X

Maple syrup on brioche french toast with bacon on top, om nom nom

Oh yes, I'm a honey lover!

Marmite for me or lemon curd in a lemon miringue pie

It's all about the honey. Give me that Manuka!

honey on toast,

plus an old age remedy to help the infection in my eye is to put a drop of maunka honey inmy eye!!! stings, but works quite well!

Otherwise its nutella on toast, and jam and clotted cream on scones

Subdom27 wrote:

It's all about the honey. Give me that Manuka!

+1 to Manuka, fab stuff.

I don't like honey spread on toast or anything, but the Manuka is fab in hot drinks when I'm poorly and I use regular honey a lot in cooking.

My faveourite for something like toast would be peanut butter :)

Lol! Honey in my green tea

and then it has to be peanut butter and grape jam (jelly)... (i spend too much time with my american friends!)

I knew what this thread would be about the second I read it. Honestly it brought a smile to my face knowing that people out there have a sense if humour

I will eat any of it honey, jam, chocolate spread even marmite. And it's even better licked off of a nice pair of breasts.