I dreamt a dream last night, And it was a strange but cool dream....

Ok, So it may be a bit vague as to what I remember but here goes...

The Lovehoney staff put on a christmas party and invited some of us along.

Me and Jade along with WandA ( Along with blurry face ) & Alicia, Avrielle and her man, MM and hers, I knew Master and Slave were there but they were head to toe in black pvc, Could only see their eyes and mouths. Lick, Mr M, Loves Huni and her OH, Lookin Yummy & OH, Boobalou and Her fella, Glitter in fetish gear being pulled along by some greek looking Dom, Eksvie, Malt, Toxy, Bashful, Chip, KMP, KP and SG all came along as a group of friends...

The Prof, Annabelle, Hella, Alice, Gemma and Bonny were all there, The Prof had his white coat on.

So We were all enjoying a lovely christmas roast with all the trimmings, The drink was flowing and we were all generally having an awesome time! The crackers were huge and filled with luxury vibes etc...

Tthen Annabelle shouts, Everyone fire... So everyone starts shooting party poppers and streamers at the Prof, Who tries to duck.

Then Eksvie and the girls decide to start a food fight.

Gemma and Bonny shake up a few bottles of champaigne and start splosshing everyone ala-F1 podium stylee.

It ends with everyone, On Alices orders, Piling on the Prof and pooring a load of buckets full of lube over him.

We all end up back at the LH office in fits of laughter when I suddenly get woken up by my own sneeze!

Well random start to the day I tell ya!

very random, I can never remember my dreams lols

Me neither, Usually.

This is the answer to:

How do you know you're spending too much time on the forum.

WandA wrote:

This is the answer to:

How do you know you're spending too much time on the forum.

he he I think that he is right Sed

Seduced wrote:

Me neither, Usually.

you been at the rich food of life again sed ???

Hehehehehe!! Are you a mind reader?!

who me or sed GG

Sed hun sorry xx

ha ha good one GG xx

i love it! its a shame you woke up i wonder what would have happened next?

yeah the mind boggles

Sounds like fun !



I've had dreams about LH members before. Never a full on LH themed dream but dreams involving other members.

If I dream about people I like to tell them but I worry I sound weird! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, and other people are dreaming about me :P

Hah! That's fantastic! Last dream I had that I remembered was about zombie velociraptors.