I had a huge dick, but my boyfriend took it! >.

Hey guys, I get paid soon and I want to get something special for my boyfriend. ^_~ Partly coz I wanna treat him...and also coz he keeps pinching my toys dammit!
I've not seen my 8 inch realistic thick dildo in weeks and now he's gone and helped himself to my Jeff dildo! T_T
I'll probably never see them again and I fear my John Holmes will be the next to go.

So what should I get a guy who loves huge dildos as much as I do? Any toys you can recommend?
And should I put a pad lock on my toy box? :)

You called happycamper !!!!!!
Ancafe you may have to try and scare him off or at least get something trhat will keep him occupies for some time and at least leave you to get on with it/them/whatever. I can truly recommend Three Bangs Mega, not everyone's cup of tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*looks up the three bangs* Holy crap!!! Now theres a toy that would make his eyes water! >.<

I was looking at this just now. I think this might be more his thing.
I've locked my toys in my wooden treasure chest. I don't mind sharing them...its just when he takes them home and forgets to return them. ^_^
Ohhh I nearly forgot!
I got a new badge today ^_^ It says ''I happen to have a large penis, However I don't have it with me''

Lets be honest, if he wants a challange go for this:


It's all in the name lol

I have both but think the three heads of three bangs as against the sheer length of the challenge gives it a head, oops- three heads start !!! Just my preference at the end of the day, 6pm, 4pm, 1pm.......

Hiya punkboy!!! didn't have you down as the churchy type !!!!

Heh, well... Churches are very useful places when you're stuck in the rain and need somewhere quiet to go. I'm sure they won't mind a few extra "Oh God!" shouts echoing off the walls!

*looks at my last post* Where did my link go? T_T
I've ordered him a Dick Rambone cock (flesh) and one for myself too (black)...it was on my wishlist too. lol
That'll make him a happy bunny ^_~...and my John Holmes reaslistic is safe for another day ^_^;; I always thought I was the size queen, but he's catching up with me. But its worth it to see him happy.