I left a comment on the LH blog but it's gone, why?

I left a comment about ethical non-monogamy on this post:


I see now that my comment has been deleted. Was there a reason it was deleted? I was careful to express myself respectfully, so I'm confused. Please help.

Thank you.

The comment had actually appeared already, with the tags merely showing as text. I thought if the tags were a problem those could be removed without affecting the rest of the comment. So I'm curious about why the tags made it necessary to delete the entire comment?

Thank you for your clarification Carly, I appreciate it. :)

One problem - I've been a dufus and left my replacement comment on the wrong post:


I have posted it to the post I wanted it on, but would you please delete it from the post I linked to above? Sorry for the inconvenience, I guess I'm having a senile hag day today. :/

Oh crap you've deleted my previous comment from there which I was hoping would remain. Arrggg.

Ok, thankfully I'd saved it so I just copied and pasted, phew!

Ok, all fixed now, (I hope!). I award us all biscuits all round. :)