I love to go commando,so i have a question for the ladies if you go commando what happens when you are turned on

We know when women get horny you can leave a nice damp patch in your underwear.

so when you go commando what happens does the inside of your legs get wet/sticky?

If they do what do you do about it? as in wipe it off leave it on till you get home or??

If your legs dont get sticky or wet does anything get wet?

as im male if im really turned on i get pre cum,but i hardly notice it if i go commando,i feel it more if im wearing underwear

I can't go commando in trousers cos of the natural lube issue. But in a skirt its generally not a problem.

Basicly it is pretty much contained. I tend to rarely wear undies myself and it's not much of a problem. I also only wear skirts so even less of a problem

yeah ive never noticed any problems with that issue when wearing a skirt..never worn trousers while commando, dont really see the point. Commando with a skirts great when you're feeling naughty

did make the mistake of wearing a pale silk/chiffon dress whilst at a wedding getting rather excited at the dinner table...
did have rather a wet patch when i stood up. luckily i stood against a radiator to dry off! lol

i love going commandon under jeans...its rubs a certain spot...but wetness never shows through... despite me being soaking!

Thanks for sharing Keep them comming

I love going commando it makes me feel sexy and horny, i love the feeling where the seam of my jeans rubs on my cock, just the perfect way to get horny and hard,if i feel really horny all i have to do for me to cum,is to walk a bit faster than normal,so my cock head rubs on the seam of my jeans,it doesn't take too long to cum